What To Do 100 Days Before Your Beach Vacation

Your dream beach vacation is RIGHT around the corner and you've found yourself twiddling your thumbs, simply waiting for the day to arrive. Luckily, we've put together a list of productive (and fun) things you can do in the meantime! It will make the time go faster and you will be happy you take care [...]

13 Best Beach Movies

Unfortunately, we can't all be at the beach all the time -- but we can transport ourselves there. As someone who lives in land-locked Arkansas, I often crave the saltiness, sandiness and freshness of the beach. For a while there, I was using a blow up pool and the local sand volleyball court to recreate [...]

7 Mocktails That’ll Transport You Straight to the Beach

Summer is one of my favorite seasons because there's always an occasion appropriate for a refreshing drink. We talk a lot about tasty beachy drinks over here at BlueSun and that's because we want the refreshing lifestyle of "all included drinks, alcoholic and non" to come right to your home. Maybe you're a mother-to-be or [...]

AMResorts Summer Savings

Who doesn't love a good summer savings? This summer is going to be hot and we are so excited to bring you the best of the best when it comes to your summer getaway to paradise. Interested in our latest summer deals from one of our favorite line of All Inclusive resort brands?

The Best Sunscreen for Your Skin Type

Whether you're headed to the beach, pool, ski slopes or camp ground, you should always have a bottle of sunscreen by your side -- yes, even if it's cloudy. But, finding the perfect sunscreen that makes you feel safe and protected, but doesn't break you out or make you feel greasy is hard, right? Well [...]

Why We Really Love Adults Only Resorts

Nothing throws off the relaxing vibes like getting sprayed in the face with a water gun as a kid runs past your pool lounge chair. *actual circumstance from our CEO's experience.* Don't get me wrong! I love kids more than the best of them, but if you're working an 8-5 job, are a mother of [...]

14 Worst Things You Can Do On Vacation

If you're someone who actually takes advantage of your allotted vacation days each year, you understand the importance of making paid time off count. PTO days are really the only days in adult life that allow you to call all the shots, give zero craps, eat and drink whatever you want, be lazy and, in some cases, [...]

The Best Beach Reads of 2017

We all know that a trip to the beach isn't complete without a good read -- right? In my mind, there's something undeniably perfect about diving into good book with the soundtrack of waves, wind and birds playing in the background. So, while my friends are off playing frisbee or sand volleyball, I usually find [...]

#WorldOceansDay – 8 Ways You Can Celebrate

It's obvious that here at BlueSun, we are pretty big fans of the beach, which wouldn't exist without the great wide ocean itself. The beloved, luxurious resorts we know, love, and sell wouldn't be here without that body of water. Therefore, it goes without saying that we are totally celebrating June 8th's #WorldOceanDay! Thanks to [...]

8 Best Waterfall Excursions

Whenever it comes to choosing a destination to travel to, I always get stumped. There's so many amazing options in the Caribbean and Mexico alone with so many gorgeous resort properties. To make it a little easier to navigate where to travel this next year, let's start with one of the most beautiful wonders of [...]

6 Beaches You’ll Love If You’re Slightly Obsessed with the Ocean

When it comes to beach vacations, many people's main focus is on the type of resort they'll stay at, the activities it will offer, cuisine options, etc. For others, the priority is on the quality of the beach they're visiting. If the latter is your style, you'll love this list of 6 incredibly beautiful beaches throughout [...]

17 One-Piece Bathing Suits That Are Way Better Than a Bikini

Thankfully, one-piece bathing suits have made their way back into the realm of fashionable swimwear. I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this to happen since -- oh, I don't know -- I was born. One-piece suits are amazing because they not only look nice, but they provide some welcomed coverage and protection from the [...]

9 Things You’ll Love About Couples Resorts

Being one of the top destinations in the world, Jamaica has a lot (and I mean a lot) of All Inclusive destinations to offer. From secluded escapes, to buzzing high-rises, to family-friendly properties there's something for everyone -- but Couples (which is exclusive to the island) is definitely a major stand-out. From Ocho Rios to Negril, [...]

The 7 Types of Friends to Bring On Your Girls Trip

So, you're thinking of planning a beach trip soon and you want it to be all girls? This is always a good idea. However, you may want to make sure you cover all grounds as far as personalities. You don't want too many dominant travelers, just like you don't want too many introverts. A good [...]

7 Tips for Budgeting and Saving Up For Vacation

Summer is calling and you know what that means? I start to get ansy to kick-back, relax, and post up on the beach. Anyone else? via GIPHY But if you are anything like me, saving over spending is definitely not my greatest strength. But you aren't alone! First of all, we're just glad you see [...]

Best Places To Stay for a Girls Trip

It's about that time for a girls' trip and you know what that means, via GIPHY Calling all bachelorette parties, college reunions, or mom getaways. We all know that when multiple cooks are in the kitchen, feelings can get hurt, toes can get stepped on, or disasters can strike via GIPHY That's where the beauty of [...]

9 Photos You Must Capture On A Beach Trip

1. Ocean view You came all this way-- even if it feels cliche, it's a must. No matter the weather, the blue water + blues sky combo is breathtaking. 2. Room design I don't know about you, but the room aesthetics are always one of the first things I notice upon arriving at a resort. [...]

Top 6 Vacation Spots for Couples

Tired of seeing those Facebook albums full of perfectly staged exotic beach photos? Whenever I see a friend's vacation photos on my timeline, on the outside I'm like, via GIPHY But on the inside, I'm actually like this... via GIPHY Sometimes I just want to be the first of my friends to snag that killer swim-out [...]

Most Popular Food & Drink at the Top 6 Destinations

There's an endless list of fun things that come along with a beach getaway, but I think we can all agree that the exposure to authentic food lands at the top of that list. It's nice (and delicious) to have a change in your daily diet. Plus, when you're eating what's unique to the location [...]

Top 8 Summer Vacation Spots For Families

1, Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana -- Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Surrounded by gorgeous beaches, a majestic turquoise sea, lovely pools and lush tropical gardens, this Dreams resort has just about everything you could ask for. Family-sized rooms and suites offer luxury amenities, private balconies or terraces, daily refreshed mini bars, and 24-hour room and concierge services. Internationally-themed restaurants [...]

Meet Your BeachMasters: Part 2

Here at BlueSun, we pride ourselves on being able to genuinely refer to our BeachMasters as just that. We’ve truly hit the jackpot over the last few years in building such an incredible team, made up of the most down-to-earth, kind and pretty dang hilarious people. BeachMasters are at the core of who we are [...]

15 Facts About the Beach That’ll Make You Say, “Whoa”

Beaches attract tourists like magnets. Families, honeymooners, beach bums and thrill-seekers alike flock the ocean's shore to enjoy a wide-range of activities like sunbathing, surfing, beach volleyball and more. But, as it turns out, there's a lot most people don't know about their favorite vacation destination. For example -- did you know that the beach used [...]

7 Reasons Why La Romana is Underrated

Our team was blown away by the city of La Romana when we took a trip to the Caribbean back in March. Why is it underrated, you might ask? Well, according to the locals, it used to take 2-3 hours to drive to this destination from the PUJ airport. Now, it takes under an hour because of a [...]

7 Photos You Should Capture While on Vacation

I don't know about you, but when I'm on vacation, I have a hard time deciding when and where to snap photos. Like, I want to capture everyone, everything and every moment, but I don't want to spend my entire vacation with a phone or camera in my hand -- you know? And, no one [...]

12 Cheap Beach Essentials You Can Buy At Target Right Now

It's officially May, which means summer is RIGHT around the corner. Seriously, it'll be June before we know it! This means you hopefully have a vacation planned soon. (If not, you've come to the right place!) Add that to the fact that Target, AKA the most amazing store on earth, has recently stocked up on [...]

Unique Ways to Accessorize Your Travel Necessities

I always put travel accessories on the back burner when I travel, until I realize that organization would make my life so much easier and give me an opportunity to feel more put together. I feel so stressed at the airport when I am constantly scrambling through my purse to keep track of all my [...]

12 Types of Vacationers Everyone will Recognize

When it comes to vacationing, there's no one-size-fits-all formula. What one person finds fun and relaxing, may seem stressful, tiring or downright unappealing to someone else. For example, I like to spend my vacations in a somewhat vegetative state -- aka all I want to do it eat, drink, sleep and lay out. My husband, on the [...]

6 Tips for Taking the Perfect Family Photo

Taking the perfect family photo is hard -- especially when you're on the beach. Not only is it a headache to get the entire family in the same spot, wearing coordinated outfits, ready to say "cheese" at the same time, but the elements of the beach hardly ever seem to be in your favor. Namely, wind [...]

7 Kid-Friendly Things to Do At Your Resort

When hearing the words "kid-friendly", it makes both couples and parents cringe. As a couple, you want to escape from all humanity. I'm not a parent, but as a former babysitter I know good and well that any parent doesn't want to go on vacation to fight more crowds, deal with meltdowns, or feel forced to [...]

6 Things That Always Ruin Family Vacation (and How to Avoid Them)

Sibling bonding, long-lasting memories, endless laughter and fruity beach drinks amidst a landscape of turquoise blue water, sandy beaches and sunny skies -- sounds great, right? via GIPHY Skrrrt -- insert sound of soundtrack abruptly stopping. When traveling with children, this soothing scene is rarely the case. Let’s be real, family vacation can feel like hard work [...]

Meet Your BeachMasters: Part One

Here at BlueSun, we pride ourselves on being able to genuinely refer to our BeachMasters as just that. We've truly hit the jackpot over the last few years in building such an incredible team, made up of the most down-to-earth, kind and pretty dang hilarious people. BeachMasters are at the core of who we are [...]

7 Reasons Why You Should Honeymoon at Now Onyx

Hey honeymooners, let's get real for a second. We all know that when it comes to choosing the right destination for you and your new honey, you want it to be unlike anyone else's trip. At the end of the day, you want that Instagram picture or Facebook album to make everyone go, "Dang, I [...]

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Now Onyx Resort

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Punta Cana's beautiful Now Onyx Resort & Spa. Before stepping foot on the property, I had preconceived notions about what a semi-new, zen-like, family-friendly resort would be like. Admittedly, most of those expectations were tinged with negativity -- I don't know why -- but the property absolutely blew [...]

Why Your Family Will Love Now Onyx Resort

I recent had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful destination of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. While there, I got to tour various resorts, one of which was AM Resorts' Now Onyx -- one of the newest All-Inclusive resorts in the area. Even I visited over 10 different properties, I can genuinely say that Now Onyx earned a spot in [...]

9 Things All Travelers Have Done, But Won’t Admit To

We all know that social media lies,  right? Even though we see intimate (edited, cropped and staged) photos of a person's life through Facebook and Instagram, that doesn't mean we know everything about them. This shouldn't be news to you. via GIPHY But, what may be news to you is that this rule also applies to [...]

AMResorts Promotions and Deals

A major perk of the AMResorts brand is they are almost always having a sale or promotion going on, no matter what time of year. If you haven't figured it out by now, AMResorts is a line of 5 resorts brands that we carry: Zoetry, Secrets, Breathless, Dreams, Now, and Sunscape resorts. If you're wondering on [...]

Be Our Guest: How BlueSun Is Just Like “Beauty and the Beast”

Unless you're living under a rock these days, it's likely you've heard about the newly-released live-action remake of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." The beloved classic is taking the world by storm, with a record-breaking debut that grossed $875 million worldwide, AKA becoming the highest-grossing musical EVER. Having grown up on Disney movies, I personally, [...]

11 Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

Honestly, there's nothing worse than being stuck in a cramped airplane seat during a long-haul flight. Not only is there no room for your legs, but your back hurts, you're irritable, the guy behind you is snoring and you better not even think about going to the bathroom. Luckily, there are a few things you [...]

10 Ways To Surprise Your Fiance For Your Honeymoon

When I was planning my wedding, I was so stressed all the time. There were just so many options out there and when it came to thinking about my and my fiance's honeymoon, I wanted the minimum amount of planning possible. This is why I loved our honeymoon at an All Inclusive -- it was one [...]

9 Things You Shouldn’t Pack for Vacation

I don't know about you, but I'm a chronic over-packer. Like, even if I'm headed to the beach for a mere three days, I like to pack 10 bathing suits, seven "just in case" items, all 20 of my lipsticks and 13 pairs of shoes. It's ridiculous and a disease I'm trying to cure. So, [...]

How Men Can Enjoy Their Resort

A total resort experience is the sum of endless factors. Here at BlueSun Vacations, we take beach experience very seriously. We're here to tell you how to do resorting at its best. How so, you might ask? Well, Deniece Williams sang it best in the hit classic "Footloose" ----- "Let's hear it for the boyssssss!"  [...]

9 Scents That Will Instantly Transport You to the Beach

When I return home from the beach, I like to elongate my vacation-high for as long as possible. For me, that process includes baths with bath bombs, a little bit of self tanner, music and scents -- lots and lots of scents. I don't know if you're like this, but when I get a whiff of something like eucalyptus, [...]

How To Re-Create 5 Classic Resort Drinks At Home

Let's be real here. One of the best parts of a beach vacation is the drinks. Something about being near the ocean makes us feel like we deserve significantly more libation consumption than usual. Not to mention, if it's an All Inclusive resort, the drinks seem to never stop being served. Most of your favorite resort [...]

Bring the Resort Spa To Your Home: DIY Bath Bombs

One of my favorite things about going to an All Inclusive  is the spa. I mean, just look at the one at Secrets The Vine Cancun: Everything about it -- from the smell, to the sound, to the ambiance -- takes me to a place of total relaxation that I can't seem to reach in [...]

8 Steps to Keep Reliving Your Vacation

I think it’s unanimous that returning from vacation is definitely the hardest reality to swallow. But who can't deny the sparks that ignite within you when asked, “How was your trip to Punta Cana?!” It’s been weeks since I’ve returned from my trip & a friend asked me that question the other day. The sparks were definitely [...]

7 Best Self-Tanners of All Time

No matter how many days I spend at the beach or how many hours I spend by the pool, I always seem to lose my tan approximately 11 seconds after arriving home. I don't know if it's because my body senses my home state's land-locked air or what, but I'm always sorely disappointed when I look in the [...]

3 Easy Ways to Create Luscious Beach Waves

Summer is almost here, which means it's officially beach-waves season! If you're not lounging on the ocean-front somewhere, creating those perfectly loose, beach-like curls can be a little daunting. But, with these three easy techniques, creating the ever-stylish hairdo will be oh-so simple. All you need to do is grab a straightener, a curling iron or the [...]

3 Essential Outfits to Get You from the Plane, to the Beach, to the Bar

This may seem weird to some people, but I absolutely love travel days. In my mind, they either indicate something exciting (like a trip) or something comforting (like returning home). And honestly, I can't really think of anything about the process that I don't positively anticipate -- well, except for travel day clothes. For some reason, I have [...]

Quiz: How Weird Are Your Vacation Habits?

I don't think I've ever met a person who doesn't like (read: live for) vacations -- and for good reason. Vacations not only provide you with rest and relaxation while you're there, but they give you something to anticipate beforehand, and reminisce about afterward. It's the actual best. via GIPHY But, even though everyone loves vacations, not everyone vacations [...]

12 Beauty Essentials You Should Always Have In Your Beach Bag

Packing for the beach is hard -- there's no getting around it. From the clothes, to the bathing suits, to the skin care, to the lip balm, there's a lot to think about and remember. And, if you're like me, you're always putting yourself last -- aka forgetting to pack those few items that would [...]

Ultimate Beach Day Playlist

I think we can all agree that no trip to the beach is complete without a little ear candy. I mean, it's basic scientific fact that there's nothing sweeter or more magical than the mixture of good music, beach vibes and an ocean breeze -- right? Like, I have distinct memories of listening to UB40's "Red Red [...]

5 Simple Ways to Detox After Your Vacation

We all know that feeling when you’ve consumed enough food to make a food baby in your tummy. While at my All Inclusive, I truly embrace the “all” part of eating an unnecessary course at dinner, consuming yet another fruity drink that I don’t even need, or ordering room service at 2am because why not?! [...]

22 Celebrity Beach Looks You’ll Want To Copy This Summer

In my mind, celebrities set the pace for what's cool, trendy and acceptable to wear each season. Especially when summer rolls around, the socialites and famous people of Hollywood bombard social media, magazines and E! News with pictures of themselves wearing trendy bathing suits, enviable cover-ups and irresistible sunnies. So this beach season, I've decided [...]

3 Two-Minute Hairstyles You’ll Love

When I'm at the beach, I like to keep my outfits, makeup and hairstyles simple. In my mind, there's no real point in spending hours on my look when I'm going to bask in the sun and swim in the ocean. You know what I mean? Usually, I stick to a simple messy bun or ponytail, [...]

Outfits For Your Beach Vacation

Mastering the art of packing: the struggle is real & you are not alone. The temptation to over-pack & the fear of under-packing give everyone anxiety. To save you time, make things easier, & relieve some stress, here are 11 different outfits from our very own BeachMasters' personal suitcases. Check out these different styles for [...]

How to Travel in Style for Men & Women

Traveling in style can feel impossible. It can be hard to strike a happy medium between comfortable and classy. When we hear "style" we think expensive, uncomfortable, and frivolous. But that doesn't have to be the case! After sending thousands of people to the beach, we've learned a thing or two about traveling in style. It can [...]

6 Underrated Resorts On A Budget

Sometimes couples on a budget assume an All Inclusive is out of the question.  But if you know your partner can't live without unlimited Pina Coladas on the Caribbean shore, it can be tough to settle for anything less than that. Your honeymoon is not the time to settle. There are countless "cheap" resort options online, [...]

15 Bathing Suits You Can Get for Under $30

There's no question that finding a affordable bathing suits (that isn't made out of paper) is hard. Today, it seems like if you want something flattering, comfortable, and made well, you have to dish out hundreds of dollars. But, it is possible to find high-quality bathing suits at a good price. You just have to know where [...]

7 Easy Ways To Bring Home The Romance

A romantic getaway is about reconnecting with the one you love. Maybe you've been swamped at work or you know you need some space from the kiddos. Regardless, a beach vacation to an All Inclusive would make anyone "feel the love tonight". But what do you do in the meantime? Assuming that you've already booked [...]

4 Different Honeymoon Styles

We're here to tell you that a beach honeymoon is not just a beach honeymoon. It's the potential for an intimate respite experience that can enrich your relationship before, after, and during your trip. Not every couple is the same. Not every couple needs or wants the same things. But in a world of endless [...]

Why We Prefer “Preferred Club”

When booking your favorite Am Resort, you might hear of the mysterious "Preferred Club." Preferred Club is an upgraded room selection with added amenities and privileges. Think of it as that little extra "umph" in your day. Like when you pick up a Vanilla-Carmel Latte on the way to work, treating yourself to a four-course meal, or [...]

9 Most Flattering Bathing Suit Styles

If you're a woman of any age, height, weight, size or shape, you know that finding the right bathing suit is hard -- like, really hard. And, when preparing to visit the beach on your All-Inclusive vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a bathing suit that's going to make you feel confident [...]

Expectations vs. Reality: All-Inclusive Resorts

It's hard to know what to expect after booking an All-Inclusive vacation. What will the beach be like? What about the food? What will you do all day? What about at night? Will the resort be over-crowded? We get it. But, thankfully for you, we're here to clear up the confusion. Expectations vs. Reality at All-Inclusive Resorts: [...]

7 Honeymoon Suites You’ll Fall In Love With

Let's be honest, on your honeymoon you'll spend a good percentage of time chillin' in your room. So it's really important to invest in your suite. But with endless options, it can be hard to find the perfect room. We've listed a few great suites to help you weigh all your options. Whether you want an [...]

5 Myths You May Believe About Travel Agents

Pushy. Manipulative. Dishonest. For most people, that's their impression of a Travel Agent. Maybe that's your experience and expectation of a Travel Agent. Also, there's that "I can find a better deal online, by myself," mindset. Sure, the internet is full of deals, and they're super easy to find when Siri does all the heavy lifting. [...]

How to Find Relaxation at Your Resort

For all you busybodies out there, this one's for you. Sometimes, resting is the hardest discipline to conjure - whether it's taking moments to stop & breathe, resisting phone notifications that cease to pop-up, or trying to squeeze in too many social outings in one weekend. The same is true during your vacation. Activities are [...]

A BeachMaster’s Reasons to Love Couples Resorts

Four of us BeachMasters had the opportunity to take a few days away from the office, and travel to Jamaica. We filled our four days touring all four of the resorts Couples has to offer. Did you know that Couples has two resorts in Ocho Rios (Couples Tower Isle & Couples Sans Souci), and two [...]

All Inclusive FAQs

The words "All Inclusive" don't spell out the whole deal. So we thought we'd spell it out for you. Not every All Inclusive has the same perks & inclusions, but overall you'll be shocked by how much you can get out of an All Inclusive vacation. We've put together the most frequently asked questions, so [...]

Let the Beach Cure Your Winter Blues

Winter Blues Got You Down? This past week has been cold, drizzly, and cloudy every single day. The "winter blues" are real folks. Elvis knew it, we all know it. It can be hard to feel motivated this time of year. Here at BlueSun, we like to celebrate another side of the "blues," aka the ocean [...]

Best Resorts & Drinks in the Bahamas

Why travel to the Bahamas? Well, for starters, we love The Bahamas! It is such a unique & fun destination to send our guests, plus the Nassau area especially is full of fabulous resorts. You know what else is fabulous? Two words - the drinks. You'll find an array of drinks unlike any other when [...]

The Best Beaches in Mexico

It's easy to figure out the world's consensus on Mexico's best beaches-- just a quick google search away. But it's not as easy to find out how to get there and where to stay when you do. Maybe you've searched and found an amazing resort, but you're not sure about the beach. We can help you [...]

Why We Love Bavaro Beach

Bavaro Beach rocks. It's one of our hottest destinations. Here's 4 reasons why we love sending guests to resorts on Bavaro Beach, in the Caribbean.   Why We Love Bavaro Beach 1. The fame Bavaro beach is considered one of the 10 best beaches in the world. It's also labeled a main tourist beach (and for [...]

Top Dreams Resorts in Mexico

Dreams resorts offer a luxurious Family Friendly experience. However, you don't have to be with the family to enjoy a Dreams resort. You might choose Dreams because of their unique locations. They also have phenomenal spas & killer pools with great views. Interested in finding out more about what gives Dreams resorts their name? We've [...]

10 Reasons to be Thankful for an All Inclusive Vacation

Cyber Monday has us like Because who doesn't love saving big on something you love the most? Read below to find out why we're thankful for the beach & how you can save big this Cyber Monday! Here's 10 Reasons to be thankful for an All Inclusive Vacation 1. NO WORRIES!  We get the question a [...]

Tips for a Stress-Free All Inclusive Family Vacation

https://www.instagram.com/p/BHe7SBRgoHisESFi5VYilRazk_3bPS0Dr8QE9k0/?taken-by=heathergoeshogwild&hl=en For those of you who dread the words "family vacation," stay tuned. Sometimes we make things more stressful than they have to be. Parents, do you feel held back from traveling the world once you fill your nest with little kiddos? Kids put an interesting spin on vacation, but there's nowhere more accommodating than [...]

Top Caribbean Destinations

You may wonder why we only book vacations to the Caribbean and Mexico. First, we love it there. But also we want to be experts in these destinations that have so much to offer. So we stick with it. The Caribbean is a great destination, but choosing between islands can be difficult and confusing. So [...]

How To Beach

Maybe the best question to ask yourself when your trip approaches is: How do I beach? In the midst of remembering all your travel documents, it can be hard to think through a relaxing beach day. What will you want to do? What should you bring? From all of our beach experts, we've gathered the [...]

What is “Spa by Pevonia”?

When researching your resort you might wonder what the deal is with this "spa by Pevonia" thing.  All of our BeachMasters  suggest investing in a spa experience when traveling to an All Inclusive. But what are the spas really about? Here's all your questioned answered regarding your resorts' spa by Pevonia experience: What is the [...]

Highest Luxury Resort: IBEROSTAR

If you're looking for a high luxury resort line, look no further than IBEROSTAR. There's no other resort line that focuses as much on creating authentic cultural and high luxury. Did you know with IBEROSTAR Grand Resorts you get butler service? It's true. Whether you're traveling to the Caribbean or Mexico, everything IBEROSTAR presents is [...]

The Best Meals to Eat at your Resort

The words "unlimited food" sound unreal. It's so out of our norm. That makes it one the best aspects of an All Inclusive vacation. Sometimes all the options a resort has to offer can feel overwhelming. Where should you go for lunch? Where can you find breakfast food? What restaurants are open for dinner? All [...]

Pros to a Top Resort

We always say there's truly a resort for everyone. Just recently one of our BeachMasters  came back from her honeymoon. She had a split stay at two different resorts: Secrets Akumal and Secrets the Vine. Akumal was more laid back  with gorgeous tropical foliage and beach beauty spread throughout the resort, and the Vine was [...]

What To Do on a Rainy Day at your Resort

You've checked your countdown and your vacation is only days away! Excited & thrilled out of your mind, you check the weather at your resort, but to your dismay... Rainy. First, never fear because, in Mexico especially, "thunderstorms" could be a little afternoon sprinkle and then back to sunshine for days. However, if this puts [...]

Bring Vacation Vibes to Your Home

Sometimes you don't realize relaxation is overdue until it's much too late. It can be easy to go from one thing to the next without realizing you haven't stopped to rest in weeks. If this speaks to you, you are not alone. According to a 2016 Skift study, "41 percent of Americans said they didn’t [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Dining at Your All Inclusive Resort

Now that you've booked your All Inclusive vacation, you have a lot to look forward to -- especially when it comes to food. Lucky for you, every resort offers a wide and diverse range of dining options for you to enjoy. From local specialties, to international gourmet dining options, to casual buffet-style restaurants, there's sure to [...]

All of Your Excursion Questions Answered

Obviously, you're going to an All Inclusive resort so you can enjoy everything the beach has to offer, but did you know there's fun to be had off-property as well? Every All Inclusive offers a wide array of excursion options for you to enjoy. Whether you're looking to fulfill your lifelong dream of swimming with [...]

How Can My BeachMaster Help Me Now?

Now that you've booked your All Inclusive vacation and are all set to embark on your tropical getaway, you may be wondering, "How can my BeachMaster help me now?" Well, even though most of your trip's logistics have been taken care of, there are a lot of ways your BeachMaster can help further enhance your vacation. Whether [...]

3 Resort-Inspired Cocktails You Can Make in Your Very Own Home

Let’s be honest, the very best part of being at an All Inclusive resort (minus the 24-hour relaxation, of course) is the access you have to unlimited drinks. I mean, I don’t care who you are, that’s something to get excited about. So, instead of waiting until you step foot onto the beach to enjoy [...]

Why Choose a Now Resort?

When imagining your ideal vacation, there are 3 things to consider: First, the resort. Second, investigate what it has to offer. Third, weigh your room options.   Honestly, when you're in-between a glamorous destination or a phenomenal resort, we suggest the resort. Why? Because a resort will make or break your trip. There are some amazing options [...]

6 Tips For Packing Like the Experts

Honestly, packing is weirdly the hardest and most stressful part of going on vacation for me-- but it doesn’t have to be for you. Thanks to our many mistakes, I can now save you from experiencing some of the packing woes that I have in the past. For example, one time I only packed bathing [...]

7 Must See Hot Tubs & Plunge Pool Suites

A perk to any stay at a beach resort is the room amenities. For many beach travelers, these perks are totally worth the upgrade. Once choosing your resort, you may want to reconsider your room choice when you find out there's a wraparound balcony with a private plunge pool or jacuzzi right on your terrace. Let us tell you about [...]

Resorts with Amazing Water Parks

All Inclusives are not just for adults. Kids are some of the most expert all-inclusivers out there. They know how to squeeze the most out of a resort. Kids will teach you: ice cream for days, always get dessert, drink whatever you want (whenever you want), play, explore, & don't take no for an answer. Although this [...]

Reasons to Stay at a Zoetry Resort

If you find yourself planning your perfect weekend of calm and quiet relaxation while barely holding on during the work week, Zoetry Resorts are the resort for you. Zoetry is special among luxury resorts. You're not about to find a bumping party at a Zoetry resort. But you will find guests reconnecting with their quiet [...]

Travel Tips to Save You Trouble

It only takes a few small details to create one big mess. That's the last thing you want on your beach vacation to your long-awaited All Inclusive beach trip. And we want you to feel like you're in good hands when you book your trip with us. Usually a vacation is about letting lose & being [...]

How to Turn Up the Romance at Your All Inclusive

We're not just masters at the beach. We've got some street creds when it comes to knowing the perfect recipe for spicing up the romance. But at the end of the day, it doesn't get much better than you + your loved one + the beach. However, there are times when you go the extra mile to rekindle romance. Plus, [...]

Which Secrets Resort Are You?

When choosing your ideal romantic getaway, the vibe of your destination + resort combo needs to be spot on with your expectations, in order to create the perfect package deal. But which resort do you pick? Especially if they all start with "Secrets" and each one looks spectacular on the outside. Sometimes pictures don't do [...]

Books to Read on Your Next Beach Trip

It may be that time of year for you to embark on your first, second, or annual All Inclusive beach trip. You've packed your bags, boarded your plane, and landed at your killer resort. But now what do you do? The possibilities are endless. You don't want to land at your resort & realize you [...]

10 Most Popular Beach Resorts

The process of choosing your next beach trip is hard. Adults-Only or Family Friendly, gourmet food or adventure, poolside lounging or beachy-sand, & exciting destination or luxurious resort? At the end of the day it's about personal preference. In case you're normal, like the rest of us, and you struggle to figure out what you want, we've put together a [...]

Destination Spotlight : ARUBA

  The Beach Boy's song "Kokomo" is a favorite for all beach lovers. And it's incredibly catchy. Get ready for this earworm to be stuck in your head all day. The song lists some of the Caribbean's best beach spots including Aruba. And maybe that made you realize you don't know much about Aruba. Here [...]

New Resorts Opening in 2016 – 2017

Introducing: all new AMResorts, opening in 2016 & 2017. They're finally here & we can't wait to show you. Keep reading for a closer look at each.   Dreams Dominicus Opening October 2016, this beachfront resort is ideal for families that want to experience the Dominican Republic. Here, the whole family can spend the day lounging at [...]

Knowing Your Resort’s Rating System

Red Apple, Golden Apple, Apple Plus. You may feel like you’re right in the middle of aisle 2 at Walmart when looking for hotel ratings. Whether it's the Granny Smith vs. Pink Lady apple debacle, or a Secrets vs. Riu resorts decision, how do you choose? And is it really a fair comparison of "apples to apples"? Look no further. [...]

The Secret to Secrets Resorts

  It's no secret that we love AMResorts. Almost all of our BeachMasters would get behind an AMResort recommendation. Hands down. If you want to know why we love them so much, check out "15 Reasons to Love AMResorts". AMResorts include Secrets, Sunscape, Dreams, Now, Zoetry, and Breathless. But it can be hard to tell the [...]

Destination Los Cabos: Where Desert Meets Sea

It's hard to really get a feel for a place if you've never been. Unless you really trust someone who's been somewhere-- and says it's great-- chances are you're not going there. Cabo: don't know anybody who's been there? Never considered going there for your next beach vacation? Start considering, people. Cabo is awesome.   WHY CABO: [...]

10 Reasons to Choose an All Inclusive Over a Cruise

I've been on a cruise. It was a disaster. We're talking unexpected charges, disappointing onboard pools, very little beach time, and thus-- family feuds. Since then, I swore off anything that resembled the tackiness that cruise associated with "all included." That was until I truly understood the words "All Inclusive" and everything changed.     [...]

Resort Showdown – Villamagna vs. Riviera Cancun

This is the Dreamiest Resort Showdown Dreams Villamagna  vs. Dreams Riviera Cancun Both Family Friendly & both include that Dreams' special touch of All Inclusive perks. But which is the best? We'll let you decide between Dreams Villamagna  vs. Dreams Riviera Cancun and their 7 strengths. First, we have Dreams Villamagna in Puerto Vallarta.     Dreams [...]

TOP 5 All Inclusive Getaways for Every Romantic

#5 Dreams Las Mareas - Costa Rica    For Adventure Sweethearts   Dreams Las Mareas is a couple’s hidden hotspot where you and your honey can experience adventuring like never before. Insider Info: Dreams Las Mareas is located on the beautiful Playa El Jobo on the Northern coast of Guanacaste. Dreams has an expansive, beautiful beach and dense tropical jungles. Boasting a [...]

How a BeachMaster can save you 12 hours

Did you know, the average vacationer spends 12 hours of their life researching online? Over the span of 4.5 months, this guest will search 7 different companies with 35 website visits according to a Phocus Wright research study. That's half a day of wasted "self-planning" that you can never get back. The list of destinations & hotel options [...]

Destination Showdown – Pacific vs. Yucatan

Coast versus coast. It's a showdown between the Pacific Side & Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Which will dominate? The first destination takes the stage. Rich with culture, deep blue bays and diverse topography worthy of exploration. The opposing destination rises. Lush. Tropical. White sandy beaches. And those baby blues - shores that is. Both beautiful. Both [...]

Top FAQ’s for Before You Book

"What resort is the most bang-for-my-buck?"  "Which resort has the best beach?" "Is it really worth it to book with BlueSun Vacations?" These are some of many questions our BeachMasters get on a daily basis pre-booking. We love it when our guests ask us questions, because resorts are always on the mind & we love getting [...]

Resort Dining Tips for a Newbie

Although our BeachMasters have visited countless resorts throughout the Caribbean & Mexico, whether its their 7th trip to tour resorts or taking their yearly vacation time with their significant other, they are all still blown away by the amount of luxury & service found at these resorts. One of our favorite aspects of our trips is the dining aspect. Most resorts feature up to 9 different restaurants with [...]

Mexico’s Best Kept Secret – Secrets Huatulco

Huatulco, Mexico. -- Mexico's hidden gem tucked along the Pacific coastline.  Want to know why Huatulco is Mexico's best kept secret? Our BeachMasters compare Huatulco to Hawaii. Countless travelers splurge on the mystical tropics of Hawaii thinking to themselves, "This is the height of luxury." We have something important to tell you-- Huatulco is just as luxurious, tropical, & [...]

Questions to Start Your Vacation Search

Sometimes when I go shopping for clothes, I see an outfit on a manikin that looks amazing and immediately snatch it off the rack because I just have to try it on. A majority of the time, I end up staring in the dressing room mirror thinking WTH, this looks nothing like it did on the [...]

Why You Should Leave Planning to the Experts

In moments of inspiration we suddenly think-- "Hey! I can do that myself."  We've all been there. We see pretty, walled shelves that we know would look unbelievable in our living rooms. Or suddenly we're planning a road trip to the mountains because we watched a movie about discovering oneself. Or classically watching our fifth music [...]

Take your Destination Wedding to the Next Level

Destination weddings. Regardless of where you stand, there comes a point in wedding planning when you realize a destination wedding with a sunset backdrop on the beach sounds like a pretty great idea after all. Now let's take that up a notch.     Pretty sweet- right? Destination weddings take wedding planning to a whole new level. But [...]

The 12-Step Cure for Beach Withdrawal

Labor Day - that blessed time of year that comes every Monday to break up the norm of the eight to five grind.  Maybe you semi-recently returned from a glorious summer vacation to a beach, complete with sand and sun mingled with true relaxation from All Inclusive service and pampering. Routine is the norm and maybe you feel those days [...]

Maintaining Health While Vacationing

Unlimited food & beverages.   Sounds like the dream to your man, but for those of us who've been spending months to become “bikini-ready” to then have it thrown to the wind with a week-long, all-you-can-eat-and-drink-vacay, it could be a deciding factor in your beach getaway planning. However, let us tip the scales for you.  It's still [...]

Deciding Where to Travel in Mexico: Cancun

  Deciding where to travel in Mexico can be overwhelming. It's a big place. People are always looking for a beach vacation with spectacular food, All Inclusive perks, and jaw-dropping beautiful views. Only, they can't figure out where they want to go. We've got you. This is what we're good at. If Mexico is overwhelming you, let us [...]

Top Punta Cana Resorts

BAE= before anyone else and we've got one thing to say: Punta Cana is Bae. The words Punta Cana make us swoon. It makes us feel ALL the feels. And we love sending guests there. Punta Cana is home to the famous Bavaro Beach of the Caribbean, and no matter what resort you choose, there's [...]

Don’t let Email Spoil your Vacation

There comes a moment in every vacation when temptation creeps. That cute little envelope on your smart device lures you to click & find out what's inside. You give in, open your inbox, and immediately the flood gates are opened to your good ole friend - Mr. Stress. It's hard to tune out the realities of [...]

5 Tips: How Your Kids Can Enjoy an All Inclusive

Parents, do you feel exempt from traveling and seeing the world once you fill your nest with little kiddos? Kids put a different spin on vacation, but there's nowhere more accommodating than a Family Friendly All Inclusive. Our BeachMaster, Heather, just recently traveled with her family & two friends (dubbed "Aunt & Uncle") to this fabulous resort [...]

Honeymoon Help From the Experts

Dearest honeymooners, Has wedding planning put you over the edge yet? Planning a wedding is enough to make anyone want to get out of town as quickly as possible. Yes, planning the happiest day of your life so far is so much fun. But there comes a point when you either care way too much about every [...]

Steps to get Your Working Butt on Vacation

True or False: The less vacations you take, the more successful you will be at work. FALSE, people. "Do you remember the last time you were okay with doing nothing?" We read this convicting question posed in the HBR's article, "The Data-Driven Case for Vacation." In this article, HBR begged its readers to take a [...]

Reasons Why We Love Mexico

It's that time of year when the Red, White & Blue shows her political colors. We've seen that a certain someone (we won't name names), really hates on Mexico. But honestly, WE LOVE MEXICO. It's our go-to destination and our favorite place to send guests that are looking for easy accessibility to relaxation in Paradise. So [...]

10 Most Stressful Things about Vacations

PSA: Some very jaw-dropping articles were used during the making of this blog post So much so, that it moved us to action over here at BlueSun Vacations (BSV). You'd assume that stress can be solved by a simple equation:  Stressed Americans + Fun Trips = Happiness & greater productivity at work." The solution has always [...]

5 Unique Reasons to Pick Costa Rica

It's not that easy bein' green Ever feel a little down in your own skin? We've all been there - wishing you could be "something much more colorful" as our friend Kermit the Frog laments in his classic song, "It's not that easy bein' green." Let's associate this "green" feeling with the idea of being [...]

How to Hack the All Inclusive

Once you go All Inclusive, you don't go back. You don't have to be a pro to vacation. But are you vacationing the right way? The best part about All Inclusives is: everything is done for you. From fine luxurious dining, entertainment, activities, hammocking on the beach, hitting up the pool, unlimited beverages on hand [...]

If This Isn’t Your View Right Now

Kinda harsh, I know, but if you've felt the post-trip woes of returning from vacation, and waking up Monday to work, then you know the feeling. Settling back into reality post-trip can feel rough. Ever catch yourself daydreaming of ocean waves while sitting at work? Don't worry, that's normal. Let us daydream with you! On [...]

Secrets St James: A “Must See”

In every Romantic Comedy (Rom Com), there's iconic moments that stand out, that you remember as you see the credits roll. It's those lines that you quote with your friends. Secrets St. James is that kind of stand out All Inclusive with raving reviews as the best destination for refueled romance: a destination filled with luxe [...]

The BlueSun Moment

Have you heard of BlueSun? That's us - but do you know WHY it's in our name? Lets geek out for a bit. Remember back in 4th grade Science class when we learned that the sun was actually a giant star? And it blew our minds? Well, your minds are about to be blown again... [...]

“Jamaican Me Crazy” with the Best Jamaican Excursions

Jamaica is known for not worrying "bout a thing," like Bob Marley always said. It's definitely a great place to vacation and experience class-A R&R. However, Jamaica is also stockpiled with some really rocking (and maybe exhausting) excursions. Our BeachMaster, Mike Turner, came back from a Jamaican Excursion trip raving about all the Island has to offer. [...]

How An All Inclusive Beach Vacation Could Ruin You

You have entered into a new reality...It's the reality we all have to face. And it's this... You could be ruined by your All Inclusive beach trip. SPOILER ALERT: YOU MAY NEVER WANT TO GO HOME! You'll come back from the airport Saturday night and reality will set in. Those 7-nights of pure bliss and relaxation [...]

5 Things your Kids will Love about Now Sapphire

Nobody gets bored at Now Sapphire. Nobody.   Traveling to Mexico with kids can be a daring and scary thought. Tons of resorts claim to be "family friendly" but it's important to know exactly how family friendly. Well, we know what it means. And Now Sapphire is one of your best bets. It's one of the most family-friendliest All [...]

Top Pools in the Caribbean and Mexico

We may be all about those beaches but that doesn't mean we don't love a good pool too! Given that our BeachMasters have been around the resort block a time or two, we thought we would put together a list of the top 10 pools in the Caribbean and Mexico. Don't worry...swim up bars will be [...]

I Never Win Anything

"I never win anything." Lots of people say that. And lots of them are right. But our thought is: somebody has to win, right? Yes. Somebody has to win. Somebody will win. And you could be that somebody. If you have been on a vacation with BlueSun Vacations (formerly MrBeaches)keep reading because you could be [...]

The difference between Silversands & No-sands

We believe in relaxation.   We believe in relaxing at home, before work, after work, at work (we have an actual nap room in the office), and of course on the beach. Some would say we have an obsession. But at least we're honest about it. We're also familiar  with the tense commute home after [...]

Finding your Independence every weekend

“It’s the freaking weekend.” A common phrase heard around every American cubicle come 4:59 pm every Friday afternoon. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO INTO WORK TOMORROW! Can I get an AMEN and a HALLELUJAH! It’s like someone brought strawberry shortcake (with blue jello) into the office unexpectedly. It’s the best. Let’s be honest, by Wednesday, we [...]

Your Vacation’s Soundtrack

Smelling a memory is the weirdest and coolest thing. Let me explain: Someone brings cookies to a party and one sniff transports you back to your Grammy's kitchen, because you smelled a smell that s(c)ent you there (ha!). Smell can access memory in a way that we can't consciously choose. Maybe it's never been cookies for you, but you have shot back to Pre-K because some random lady in Walmart had the same perfume as your teacher. Smells can flood us into our past before we even realize what exactly it is we've smelled.

Reasons why BSV and “All-Inclusives” are BFF’s

Hi beachlovers! Welcome to the BlueSun Vacations experience! I'm going to be your go-to guide to anything and everything BlueSun Vacations (we like to call it BSV), beach life, how-to's, fun facts, and more valuable beach essentials you won't want to miss. From the insider scoop into the snazziest beaches and Apple Vacations' resorts, to personal buzz [...]

This is what 365 days without a vacation looks like

We would like to start with one question: When was the last time you took a vacation? The year is just about half way through - have you taken any vacation days? Don't let themselves off the hook. Before you shrug this off, consider this: a growing body of studies and publications across the fields [...]

Why Humans are better than Robots

Robots. The mysterious creations of the techno world we all live in. Robots can be scary and unpredictable. Whether it's the rage of Optimus Prime or the slyness of R2-D2, you never know what you're going to get. (However BayMax from Big Hero 6 is my personal favorite robot.) I can't tell you how many [...]

We have exciting news!

Here at MrBeaches, we want to shout it from the roof tops that starting June 2, 2016 we are officially changing our name from MrBeaches to (DRUMROLL PLEASE) BlueSun Vacations! You may be reading this and thinking- "But why?! I don't like change and MrBeaches is a good enough name for me!" Well, here's why we [...]

T5 Reasons to book a trip with Apple Vacations

If you're a newbie to the All-Inclusive circuit or you just need a good ole refresher, we wanted to take a few moments to spotlight our favorite All-Inclusive product, Apple Vacations. If you're anything like me, upon first getting to know the tricks of the trade, I was unaware of the ins and outs of Apple Vacations. But [...]

Top 9 Honeymoon Essentials for you & your new Honey!

It’s finally here! Your months of wedding planning are complete! After making one decision after another, the last thing you want to do is make any more logistical decisions: Where should we stay? What should we do? What do I even pack…? Good thing your All Inclusive trip was planned by one of our BeachMasters.  The idea of [...]

8 Ways to Sleep Better While on Vacation

I love sleep- I love it! Not setting an alarm and sleeping until my body naturally wakes up is one of my favorite parts of going on vacation. While that is my main vacation goal, my body doesn't always adjust well to sleeping in a new place with new noises and smells. So we thought [...]

The Latest Apple Vacations Promo Codes!

You don't want to miss this! We've got you covered for discounted travel with Apple Vacations using the below promo codes. Save from gateways ST Louis and Chicago. Save to resorts Hardrock and Paradisus. Save to destinations Bahamas and Huatulco. All travelers save when traveling for FALL TRAVEL DATES! CHECK IT OUT.   Traveling to any destination in Mexico, Caribbean, [...]

Dreams Puerto Aventuras, Not Your Average Road Trip

Every year when it’s time to plan your yearly vacation, the allure of a road trip always enters our minds, “Hmmm this could be fun this year!” But let’s be honest, road trip vacations 99.9% of the time end in a series of arguments over directions, overspending on gas and restaurants, or quite possibly a [...]

6 Best Beachy Destinations For Springtime

Spring is in full swing and it has us doing a happy dance! To help celebrate the blooming flowers and warmer weather we decided to put together a list of top destinations in the Caribbean that come alive in the springtime. US Virgin Islands -Every April, St. Thomas offers the perfect remedy to get you out of [...]

Reasons to Visit Los Cabos

Winter is over! Which means you should definitely start thinking about rewarding yourself for making it through with your very own Apple Vacation!  If you're thinking of going on a ladies only trip, family vacation or a romantic time for two, we are sure Cabo has what you're looking for!  Here are some reasons why [...]

Promo Code Alert!

Calling all travelers from California and Texas looking for All-Inclusive fun with Apple Vacations. Here are a few promo codes to save you money  on already affordable vacation packages. TEXAS: DFWSAVINGS416 Save $50 per adult on air-inclusive vacation packages of 3 nights or more to Cancun/Riviera Maya, or save $100 per adult on air-inclusive vacation [...]

10 Things You Only Do When You’re On Vacation

1. Switch that Weekday Alarm to OFF.  No explanation needed. Just remember how good that feels. Commence long sigh . . . NOW. 2. Get Sandy With Your Morning Cup of Joe. Take the sweet caffeinated nectar-of-the-gods and head down to the beach where there is no hurry to do anything, be fully awake, or be anywhere. [...]

10 Reasons To Travel

Isn't that the truth? We gain so much through travel! There are so many reasons to get book a trip and go! Travel: TO GET DISTANCE FROM WORK  Take a break from the alarm clocks, typing, meetings, and deadlines. Defy the odds, go against the American grain - USE YOUR VACATION DAYS! Although travel takes [...]

7 Secrets to a Stress Free Couples Trip

Have you ever found yourself on what should be a relaxing vacation with your love only to be found stressed and maybe even bickering and fighting? It may sound silly to be fighting on a beautiful beach but conflict is REAL even when in paradise. To help out our fellow man, we decided to put together a [...]

Meet our BlueSun Vacations BeachMasters!

  Ever wonder about the face behind the voice on the phone? Here at BlueSun Vacations we believe that when the voice on the other end becomes human, magic happens. Jason Hamen Favorite activities: Friends, Biking, Reading, Wine Parties, Playing the part of “monster” to my kids who want to be chased and tickled, and eating Mexican [...]

5 Reasons you NEED Trip Insurance

Let's get real, friends. Saving up for your dream trip isn't always quick or easy. We understand that after spending a big chunk of money on your getaway the thought of adding any more cost for travel insurance may be tempting to turn down. However, we also see scenarios play out for our guests often enough that we wanted to [...]

Live. LOVE. Travel Specials.

February is the perfect time to plan your getaway with the one you love. Whether you're rekindling a romance or looking for an unforgettable retreat with the new love in your life, a vacation to paradise is a great way to create memories. For a limited time, we're offering exclusive savings on some of our [...]

Top 7 Most Romantic Resorts

It's almost Valentine's Day and you know what that means? People everywhere are going to have romance on their minds and what better way to spend Valentine's than with your love on the beach watching the sunset with a fruity drink in hand. 7. Couples San Souci - this is a true couples resort, catered to couples [...]

Secrets Akumal: Why It’s the Illest

After only being open for a few months, Secrets Akumal is already wowing guests and critics alike! As this blog title suggest - we have dubbed it the illest out there. Here are a few reasons why you may want to use your vacation time in 2016 to see what all the hype is about. The beach-  Akumal is on one [...]

According To Our BeachMaster: Secrets Playa Mujeres

The Secrets Playa Mujeres experience was stress-free from the start. After arriving in Cancun and going through customs, I walked out and saw my Apple Vacations Rep immediately. There was a curbside bar, so the indulging started on your way to the resort! Secrets Playa Mujeres is an AMResort, which means my trip with Apple [...]

8 Tips to Surviving Winter

Are you longing for the days of summer to be back at your fingertips? It's ok friend, this is a safe place. We are missing it too! The longer hours of daylight, the snow cone dates, the Saturdays at the pool, the farmers market. This cold weather was giving us the blues so we thought [...]

BeachMaster Ryan’s Top 5 Resort Picks

If you live in the United States, the odds are high that you haven't taken a vacation this year (or the last). With the start of a new year just around the corner, I have resolved to change that for the New Year! It is very much the cultural norm for us working folk in the [...]


1. LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS All of us feel rushed, nervous, and have a lot of balled-up anxiety about making big decisions on big-ticket buys and vacations are not an exception to the rule! Countless online reviews, websites and resort options don't help, as it all comes straight at you causing you to feel quite overwhelmed. [...]

The Unique Iberostar Playa Mita

In a previous blog: Top 5 Resorts to Stay At According to Our BeachMasters, you read first hand recommendations on their fave places to stay. Below, BeachMaster Jason Hamen goes into depth on why he chose his resort pick. Get ready to be transported to paradise, take it from here, Jason... This July, I had the privilege [...]

5 Reasons You Need A BeachMaster In Your Life

#NOTYOURAVERAGETRAVELAGENT - Beach traveler, I'd like to introduce you to our team. We call ourselves the BeachMasters, mastering in beachology and exceptional dedication to our guests. You won't find the typical "Jack of all trades" travel agent selling anything from Vegas to Italy here. Nope, our sole focus is the beaches of Mexico & the Caribbean so we [...]

Top 5 Places to Travel Without a Passport

We have all had the travel bug at some point in our lives. Stepping off a plane and into a completely new place and culture is one of the best things about having a passport. BUT what if you don't have a passport? Are you destined for only US beaches all of your days? We are [...]

Zoetry Villa Rolandi – For The Adventuresome Heart

My husband and I just spent a long weekend at Zoetry Villa Rolandi on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. If you're a traveler that loves to get out and see the sights but still want that all inclusive feel, this is the place for you! Below are 10 reasons why you should book here! Included in your Apple Vacations [...]

Travelers’ Choice Awards 2015

Trip Advisor has posted the latest 2015 Travelers' Choice Awards for top All Inclusive Resorts! Many of the awards went to All Inclusives offered by Apple Vacations. Drumroll please... Luxury Bahia Cayo Levantado Don Pablo Collection The Reserve at Paradisus Punta Cana | Punta Cana, DR | Family Friendly  Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro | Punta [...]

Top 5 Honeymoons Spots in Jamaica

If your honeymoon checklist looks like this: Jamaica is the place for you and your future Mr. or Mrs. Caribbean clichés such as Bob Marley songs “Don’t worry about a thing” come to life on white sands surrounded by beautiful nature and friendly people. Of all the resorts to choose from, here are our top 5 for honeymoons. [...]

Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful for All Inclusives

We get the question a lot - why go All Inclusive (AI) to Mexico or the Caribbean? There are so many reasons why going the AI route is supreme. Once you've experienced it, here are top 10 things you're likely to be grateful for: 1. NO WORRIES!  I'm thirsty - boom. I'm hungry - boom. I'm bored - [...]

Vacation Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them!

Leave the all the scary stuff to Halloween and not your All Inclusive beach trip with Apple Vacations. Here are vacation horror scenarios and ways to avoid them: THE DREADED MISSED FLIGHT  The dreaded missed alarm or bumper to bumper traffic can ruin a trip before it's even begun. Set multiple alarms Give yourself plenty [...]


That's right - giveaway time is on its way! Make sure to follow @BlueSunVacations on Instagram for your chance to win BlueSun Vacay's Swag Beachbag full of beachy awesomeness.   Best of luck from all of us at BlueSun Vacations, The BlueSun Vacation Bunch

Which Secrets in Riviera Maya/Cancun Is Right For You?

If you are looking for an Adults Only option in Mexico, the Secrets brand is where you should be looking. They excel at offering an extra ounce of romance and luxury that can make your vacation one you will fondly remember. While all Secrets resorts offer full breakfast. lunch and dinner, limitless top shelf spirits, in-room mini [...]

Why you should Add Costa Rica To Your Bucket List

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America known for its lush jungles and surfing. It is quickly becoming a top tourist destination for those who have an adventurous heart. Often called "choose your own adventure land", anyone who comes here won't find a shortage of things to do. Here is why you should make your [...]

Our Most Important Travel Tip: CHECK YOUR PASSPORT(S)

We all make assumptions when it comes to our Passport. We are so sure that it is valid and ready to travel with us on our next beach vacation. We are also so sure that it displays our full name complete with full middle name and not just an initial. And we're sure we've checked it twice. [...]

8 Things to love about Dreams Tulum

Dreams Tulum is a a resort that allows you to escape to a tropical paradise. Situated in a city rich with history on a secluded sugar white sand beach, this resort has a lot to offer! Here are 8 things to love about Dreams Tulum. From the time you walk in you are surrounded by [...]

What Makes Puerto Vallarta a Kick-A$$ Destination

When most of our guests think of traveling to Mexico, Cancun is often what first comes to mind. It makes sense, it’s easy to get to and is all over a great option with tasty food and bright turquoise water. However, if you’re a traveler that’s looking for something unique to add a little pep [...]

10 signs that you’re overworked and need a vacation

Did you know that 42 percent of Americans said they didn't take a single vacation day last year? Chances are you are exhausted, stressed and overworked. If you can identify with any of the items below...we advise a beach vacation. STAT! You can't remember the last time you left town. You're so committed to you [...]

6 Reasons Why Cuba Is A Must See in 2016

It's time to cross it off your bucket list: Apple Vacations recently announced that they are opening up group trips to Cuba which is sure to be unlike any other vacation offered by Apple! Are you finding you don't know a lot about Cuba or why you should care to travel there? Below are some facts that may [...]

10 Reasons to Love Secrets the Vine

"Secrets the Vine is like that fancy party you always wanted to go to but never got an invite because you weren't cool enough. Here, no matter where you come from or who you are, everyone is treated to the same level of service and you're all the 'cool kids'. The food is phenomenal and [...]

A 12 Step Program For Beach Withdrawals

You just had a beautiful vacation at the beach complete with sand and sun mingled with All Inclusive service and pampering. Now you're home. "H-O-M-E" -  it sounds like such a nasty 4 letter word when all you want is the B-E-A-C-H. Here are 12 steps for re-entering reality when all you want is to [...]

Top 5 Resorts to Stay At According to our Beachmasters

As BeachMasters, we devote a portion of our summer to travel and we do it all for you! We visit resorts throughout the Caribbean and Mexico to get a first-hand look at what each has to offer. We truly love serving you and value knowing we send guests somewhere with confidence. After a summer of traveling, our BeachMasters have compiled a list of resort [...]

Hello, Paradise! Reasons You Should Take A Caribbean Vacation:

The Caribbean is a place that should be added to every bucket list. There really is something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a rural escape with a beautiful beach or a contemporary resort and a round a golf. The list below will help you see that the Caribbean should be the place you book [...]

15 Reasons to Love AMResorts

Popular resorts Secrets, Now, Sunscape, Dreams, Zoëtry, & Breathless are all part of the AMResort brand. After a trip to visit all the AMResort Properties in Riviera Maya, it was clear to me that they are far from that generic "chain" feel. On the contrary, they each had their own unique personalities and so much to offer their guests. Here [...]

5 Reasons To Go To Jamaica

As travel agents at MrBeaches we get the privilege of touring resorts all over the Caribbean and Mexico to see what options we can confidently recommend to our guests. It’s part of what defines us as BeachMasters and helps us better serve you! We get to see properties with our own eyes, taste the food [...]

5 Most Luxurious Resorts in Puerto Vallarta

No destination in Mexico or the Caribbean quite compares to Puerto Vallarta. Lush mountains spotted with quaint villas and resorts kiss the golden sands and tepid waters. The city is rich with culture and activity. Whether you're an off-resort adventure seeker or one who stays within resort walls, Puerto Vallarta is a great spot for your next beach vacation. This location [...]

What Is the Beach Dox Box?

When you book a trip with BlueSun Vacations, you will receive a box full of goodies in the mail -- we like to call this the Beach Dox Box. But, what is it exactly? Well, it's a curated box of items that are meant to enhance your All Inclusive beach experience. From the selfie stick. [...]