11 Gifs That Perfectly Capture What It’s Like to Book a BlueSun Vacation

It’s that time of year again. Spring weather has sprung and you’ve gotten the itch to be outside all the time.



Too bad you’re most likely a real-life adult who’s stuck inside all day everyday at your job.


And, because of that, you keep finding yourself scrolling through Facebook, scowling at those young spring-breakers who all seem to be spending their week on the beach.

giphy (1)


You know what? Maybe it’s time for you to put those paid days-off to use. You’ve used a few sick days here and there, but never given yourself a REAL mental break.

giphy (2)


Next thing you know, you’re dialing 1-800-683-4977 and on the phone with your very own BeachMaster. They’re saying something about a swim-up bar and 24-hour room service.

giphy (3)


After you’ve provided dates and any other preferences, the BSV BeachMaster has hand-picked a destination, resort, room, and even round-trip flight for you.

giphy (4)


Now that you’re all booked, you’re starting to imagine all of those beach-y looks you’ll be rocking soon. Time to pick up a few things. (Just a few…)

giphy (6)


You’re so excited for your trip, you honestly want to start packing your suitcase right now. But in reality, you have a few months or so to get prepared.

giphy (5)


Weeks go by. Work wasn’t so bad with the thought of the sand beneath your toes and sun on your skin in the near future.

Finally, time for the fun part. Packing.

giphy (7)


Swimsuits? Check. Sandals? Check. Big hat, sunglasses, a good book? Check.

Now, it’s flight time. You’re wondering why everyone else on the plane isn’t as pumped as you are.

giphy (10)


Maybe they aren’t in need of this vacation as much you are in this moment.

Before you know it, your transfer has gotten you to your resort spot safely and the beach is all yours.



It truly is that easy with the help of Blue Sun’s incredibly helpful and knowledgeable Beach Masters.

Click here if you’re interested in at least taking a peek at the options awaiting your fingertips.

Until then…

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