10 Questions That’ll Help You Plan Your Next Beach Vacation

Looking to go on vacation, but don’t know where to start? Let me (and our BeachMasters) help!

All Resorts are different — like, very different. One time I was looking for a secluded getaway with my best girlfriend and I ended up at a resort focused solely on kids’ entertainment — no bueno. I don’t want this to happen to you.

So, below I’ve laid out a few questions that are vital to planning your next, perfect beach vacation. Let me help you help me help you — you feel?

10 Questions That’ll Help You Plan Your Next Beach Vacation:


What’s the occasion?

Honeymoon? Family vacation? Weekend getaway? Bachelorette party? The distinction matters.

Regardless of the occasion, there is a property that’s perfect for you! And we’ll help you find it.

All Inclusive or no?

If you ask us — no matter how cool the destination –, All Inclusive is the obvious choice.

Adults Only or Family Friendly?

Does your occasion call for an adults-only vibe or are you looking for a kid-friendly property? Though a simple question, this distinction will make all the difference.

Resort-Specific QUESTIONS:

Simple or Luxurious?

Resorts range from simple and easy to luxurious and gourmet — with literally anything and everything in between.

So, whether you’re looking for gourmet dishes for every meal or a grab-and-go burger and fries, we’ve got you covered.

Modern or Classical Style?

Though the decor and aesthetic of a resort may not initially cross your mind, it can honestly make all the difference.

Being in a place where you feel comfortable and welcome — whether that be modern, classical, cozy or basic — can really make your vacation memorable.

Beach or Pool… or Both?

If you choose which water source you value most, we’ll be able to find a property that focuses on one or the other — or both.


Authentic culture or Personal hideaway?

Location is everything for this one.

If being smack dab in the middle of lively Mexican culture is important to you, focus on resorts in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun where the Mexican culture is rich and vibrant.

But, if you’re looking for a secret hide away, take a look at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana, which has the feeling of complete seclusion and relaxation.

Active or Relaxed?

Some resorts have a super chill ambiance — like Zoetry Agua Punta Cana –, while others are consistently pulsing with activity — like Breathless Cabo San Lucas.

There are a ton of options for both — and those who linger in the middle –, but don’t worry because our BeachMasters will steer you in the right direction.

Desert or Tropical?

Natural surroundings change everything. The environment and landscape of the area you’re in will be a part of your resort aesthetic — even if you don’t venture beyond resort grounds.



Your answers to these questions can and should land on a spectrum.

Wanting the beach and great pools is perfectly okay. And, if a fun upbeat and active resort sounds amazing, but you also want to chill by the pool — that can be arranged.

Knowing what you like and want is easy, so let us take it from there.