10 Most Stressful Things about Vacations

PSA: Some very jaw-dropping articles were used during the making of this blog post

So much so, that it moved us to action over here at BlueSun Vacations (BSV).

You’d assume that stress can be solved by a simple equation:  Stressed Americans + Fun Trips = Happiness & greater productivity at work.”

The solution has always been to vacation. You’ve heard it before: “Feelin’ stressed? Escape your life! Travel! Kick your feet up! Let your hair down! Have a drink!”

What we read from Shawn Achor’s article, “When a Vacation Reduces Stress – And When It Doesn’t”,  not only are Americans more stressed after taking vacation, but they aren’t taking them at all due to this stress!

We’ll try not to shock you too much but…

Apparently, 89% of Americans are STRESSED over planning family vacations.

And just to make matters worse…Americans left half a billion vacation days unused in 2013.

So what do we do about it? Well, Achor, suggests it isn’t about choosing to vacation or not going at all. Rather it’s dependent on HOW one vacations. He offered tips for how to take a positive vacation. So we’ve decided to talk about the 10 most stressful things about vacationing and how BSV defeats them all.

The 10 Most Stressful Things
& how BSV defeats them all:
1. When “Planning” your vacation feels like work

Dude, here’s one word for ya  – BeachMasters.

We're getting married!

BeachMasters provide you with a  personalized vacation to stand out among the rest.

In Shawn Achor’s article, he states that 74% of the stress comes from planning the details from lodging to transportation to figuring out what to do. The solution?

We focus on the details. So you don’t have to.

It’s our job, and actually it brings us a whole lot of joy, to plan a perfectly fit vacation for someone who desperately needs rest. There’s no robot gimmicks here. From the airfare to the resort room, we’re real people who’ve seen these resorts with our own eyes, and can give you the inside scoop. We’ll do the research for you. You’ll lift no fingers.

2. No Outlet to Release Stress


You need a way to decompress and let out all that pent frustration – in a healthy way.

Going All Inclusive gives a new meaning to relaxation. The moment you step foot in your resort, your bags are carried, you’ve got champagne in hand, and all you have to do is “ooooo” and “ahhhh” at the beauty around you.

3. The stress of feeling like the outlier

While there’s some dreaminess about being “wanderlust”, most of us feel nothing but stress when looking at a map and venturing into the unknown. Let’s be honest, no one wants to enter a new city and feel like the newbie.

apple rep

At your resort with BlueSun Vacations, you are an expected guest.

Achor’s research found that a big stress comes from feeling out of the loop on knowledge of where you are & where you’re going.  “On the best trips, 77% knew and met with a local host or had a knowledgeable friend…”

You have questions, we have (or will work to find) the answers. Not only are we your “knowledgeable friend”, but Apple Vacations exists on-site, by phone, or at your resort to decrease your stress of the unknown.


4. When thinking up things to do sounds more exhausting than working

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The moment you pick up the phone, we desire for you to immediately feel as relaxed as the beach while you talk to your BeachMaster. Remember, the planning is over. That’s why we exist, to plan your vacation for you.

Stressed about how to entertain your kids?

Stressed about what to do at an All Inclusive resort?

Stressed about what to do out of the country for 7 nights?

Boom: We’ve got answers, backed up by first-hand experience.


5. When being bored sounds like a vacation

If you say, “I’m bored” while on resort, that’s a good thing! That’s called relaxing remember? Resorts are designed to entertain, but also force your busy-body self to stop and relax.


Bring that new J.K. Rowling Harry Potter book and lounge on the beach, hammock by the pool, nap in the cabana shade, hit up the spa, and brush up those tan lines relaxing on the beach.

6. When you don’t know how to vacation with your kids without going crazy

Repeat after me: It’s possible to have fun with your kids.

Heather Richards

It’s possible to have fun as a family. Don’t let Griswold family vacations fool you.

There’s so may relaxing & fun things to do as a family! Here’s one of our favorite BeachMasters, Heather, with the cutest little humans alive. They had a blast at  Zoetry Agua Punta Cana.


7. No time to plan ahead

If you’re a procrastinator, planning more than a month in advance may be a good idea. Achor’s research found that those who waited to figure out the details til the last minute had a negative trip experience.

We get it! Life is crazy. But make your trip a priority. There are many ways to contact a BeachMaster directly: chat, text, email, or phone call. We’re here for you.


8. When you’re not even doing what YOU want to do

We make it personalized to you. We’re won’t force you to do something you don’t want to do. You do you! And we’ll help you do that.

punta cana

9. When you stay somewhere that’s not even nice to look at

Not only are you in the Caribbean or Mexico, but your resorts may just about be the most stunning hotels you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

Secrets Akumal (1)


Luxury at its finest is no joke. Whether you’re looking for an incredible bargain, infinity pools to rely on, or countless fine-dining choices, we know the best. It’s not too much to ask for a sunset view, unlimited drinks 24/7, and dinner for two on the beach every night.

10. When you can’t escape busy America

Sail far away. BlueSun Vacations exists to create remarkable “BlueSun Moments” in your life that you can look back on, for the rest of your life. All of this is possible at an All Inclusive resort. Anchor (remember our researcher) suggests, “An average vacation creates no positive effect on happiness or stress.”

Studies showed that 84% of the best trips over the past five years were to locations outside of the country.

So invest in your vacations. And do it without squandering your sanity & time.

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Don’t be a statistic. Start de-stressing today. Blend a margarita, grab your flip flops, pick up the phone and call the experts on vacationing the right way.

We’re here to make you feel as relaxed as the beach and it’s only a call away.