10 Things You’ll Love About Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro

Situated on the white sands of Bavaro Beach, Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro is a tranquil, luxurious Adults-Only getaway.

With its clean, luxurious, Spanish-inspired architecture and decor, amazing food and drink, expansive pools and pristine beach, this property is one of the best in the world — no joke. I’ve stayed here twice and both times have been completely blown away.

Honestly, I had to restrict myself to 10 things because I really could go on and on — and on and on and on.

10 Things You’ll Love About Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro:

1. Beach

The beach’s clean, fine sand and aqua-blue water is literally some of the most stunning I’ve ever seen. And, even though the property is right next to its sister resort — Iberostar Bavaro Suites –, the beach never seems too loud or crowded. Plus, there is excellent beach-side drink and food service.

Basically, it’s perfect.

Note: there is the occasional sea weed, but honestly, that’s just part of being in nature.


2. Staff

From bellhops, to butlers, to entertainment, to waiters, the resort staff is absolutely wonderful! They are happy and willing to serve you — whether that means getting you to your room or recommending daily activities.


3. Ambiance

The architecture and style of this resort flawlessly embodies class, comfort and luxury — even the bathrooms have an air of elegance.

The resort is set up in the shape of a U, and resembles a pristine Spanish harbor with wooden decks and even a ship — that doubles as a bar.


4. Relaxation

While taking a walk along the strip of neighboring Iberostar properties, it became evident to me that serenity and peace are a couple traits that distinguish the Grand from the rest. The atmosphere of this resort cultivates a place where it’s easy to recharge and relax.


5. Aroma

I’m serious. I wish that I could bottle the fresh-smelling aroma that wafts through the lobby and entryway of the resort. Talk about aroma therapy!


6. Cleanliness

Like I mentioned before, excellence is communicated in the details. The resort rooms and grounds are well-maintained and insanely clean. The upkeep of the property is ongoing, yet non-intrusive to guests.


7. Free Wifi

Although spotty in sections, it was wonderful to have WiFi throughout the resort. And the best part of the WiFi was lack of price tag since it’s complimentary!


8. Gym

You may be rolling your eyes — who works out on vacation, right? This girl. And I enjoy it.

The Iberostar Grand Bavaro triples that enjoyment with the incredible view of the ocean. Any pain involved in a little exercise is washed away by the huge glass windows showcasing the amazing pool, beach and ocean.


9. Buffet

Okay — I’m not usually a buffet girl, but the one at Iberostar Grand Bavaro is out of this world.

Not only does is have an amazing international food selection, but it has one of the best outdoor dining areas on the property. It’s literally the perfect breakfast spot — coffee, crepes, fruit and eggs… I can taste it now.

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