How To Take Stunning Photos While On Your Trip

Vacations are precious, often hard-earned moments of sanctuary, worthy of being remembered and relived for days, months and years to come. Obviously, the best way to do this is through photos!

However, before you start snapping away on your upcoming tropical adventure, take a few minutes to brush up on your photography skills. Otherwise, you may end up with blurry pictures of landscapes and unfortunate-looking pictures of your family posed like puppets by the pool.

Most importantly, don’t forget to put the camera down at some point; it is your vacation, after all!

10 Tips for Taking awesome Vacation Photos:

1. Take a moment to line up your shot.

Spending an extra minute to set up the perfect shot can really pay off!

2. Remember that lighting is EVERYTHING. 

One should always be aware of lighting when taking photos, but even more so on the beach! Between the way the sun reflects off of the sand/water and the widespread view of the sky, the time of day can make or break your photo. Try out a silhouette during the evening hours like the one below!

3. Keep it simple.

No need to overthink it… just capture what’s going on around you. The less posed, the better (in most cases).

4. Capture your travel buddy (or buddies).

Get everybody involved! You don’t want to be the only person behind the camera and end up with zero pictures of yourself on the trip.

5. Be sure to notice wildlife. 

Include all aspects of your trip, even the wildlife! Ask your BeachMaster if there tends to be a certain type of animal on your resort property. It’s always a fun addition!

6. Take some cool nature & aerial.

Beach resorts tend to feature layouts that make you feel as though you’re in a tropical surrounding. Once you return home, you’ll be missing the little things such as palm trees, beach sand or the blue skies. With everything going on at a resort, finding these elements for a photo shouldn’t be too difficult. Bold pops of color, straight lines, sharp angles, etc. can truly make a huge difference in the outcome of the shot.

7. Capture the candid moments.

The unplanned moments are the sweetest. Plus, you don’t have to deal with people feeling awkward about posing for the photo.

8. Don’t be afraid to take selfies.

There’s no shame is a good vacation selfie. It’s not everyday that you’re standing in front of the incredible ocean!

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9. Take a step back and capture the whole picture.

Take a moment to focus on all the beauty that’s around you. We tend to photograph the things directly in front of us, but these far/wide shots can really encapsulate the beach vibes.

10. Capture what makes your trip uniquely you.

Try to take photos of the parts you’ll particularly miss the most. Whether it’s your morning coffee, a glass of wine at sunset, a bubble bath or a delicious meal — you won’t regret taking that quick photo.

Now that you have a list of how and what to photograph during your vacation, you can feel even more prepared and excited! We can’t wait to see your beautiful photos. Make sure to send them to us at and we will send you a free photo book!