11 Hilarious Beach Tweets That’ll Make You Say “Same”

Everyone’s different when it comes to how they beach.

However…there are a few things that we can probably ALL relate to, such as sandy everything, sunburns on the first day, too many drinks (or desserts), etc.

These beach-goers took to Twitter to vent about their personal #beachprobs and it proves that we’re all in the same boat (no pun intended) during a beach vacay.

11 Hilarious Beach Tweets That’ll Make You Say “Same”:

1. Swimsuit struggle

2. Melting drinks

3. Sand, sand and more sand

4. Life is hard

5. Fresh face

6. Endless avocados

7. Wet flip-flops

8. Savage seagulls

9. Going back to reality

10. Salt water 

11. Extra lbs

Now, it’s your chance to tweet about your beach probs (or perks).  Visit our website to explore your vacation options!

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