The 12-Step Cure for Beach Withdrawal

Labor Day – that blessed time of year that comes every Monday to break up the norm of the eight to five grind.  Maybe you semi-recently returned from a glorious summer vacation to a beach, complete with sand and sun mingled with true relaxation from All Inclusive service and pampering.

Routine is the norm and maybe you feel those days of pure relaxation are long gone. You reminisce over past photos and see a more carefree you.

Maybe you’ve forgotten how to find rest & decompress at home.

For those suffering from Beach Withdrawals, tense shoulders, or sun-separation, start to re-enter reality with a fresh perspective of rejuvenation & self-health.

Here’s a 12 step cure to make inland-living a bit more bearable
invite beachy vibes in your home

1. Wean Slowly –

Take small steps to wean back into the relaxation mindset while still accomplishing daily tasks.  Put your favorite beach memory on your computer background screen. Keep little reminders of your vacation around the house to let the beach nirvana linger. Or continue to unashamedly wear flip flops.

2. Catch Some Rays Everyday –

Take a 10 minute walk during your lunch break around your building. Sit outside on the porch for dinner. Spend a few minutes each day putting those shades to work and bask in the sun. If it’s winter, keep up with the Vitamin D to maintain your glow and positive mindset.


3. Create Photo Memorabilia

They say a picture’s worth 1,000 words. Put those photos in action and create a trendy photo album or hang your photos around the house. Post a classic #tbt to the good ole days at the beach. It’ll make the views of today a little more bearable.

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4. Spread Beach Vibes –

Adults are always looking for an excuse to have a party. And Halloween is just around the corner. Throw a beach-themed party just for fun to keep the beach alive! Sport Hawaiian shirts umbrella-topped beverages. The perfect All Inclusive throwback.

5. Create Some ‘Me Time’ 

Make your own spa water & diffuse essential oils for prolonged relaxation. Read a book for fun. Hammock at the park in the shade. Do whatever it takes to get you back to a worry-free mindset. Honestly, we don’t take enough moments in life to stop, breathe, and do things for our self-health.

6. Indulge in a Beachy Bev –

Treat yourself to a beach beverage (or two).  Click here for some signature Caribbean & Mexico beachy drinks and here for ways to bring the beach home to you. What’s even better? Purchase island spirits in destination or duty-free pre-departure and incorporate them into your nostalgic libations.

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7. Breathe In & Out –

Missing your beach bod? Join a yoga club or a Barre class. Do something everyday to treat your body rather than punish it. Too busy to work out? Use your kitchen counter to do push up, do 10 push ups before you hop in the shower, or squeeze in some power moves as much as you can today to feel thirty, flirty & thriving.


8. Take Long Walks –

You just can’t beat those long romantic walks on the beach, at sunset. Your neighborhood sidewalk can be just as romantic.  It’s a sweet reminder of walks on the beach & it’s a good detox after a long day.

9. Create A Beach Playlist

Daydream while reminiscing through music that takes you back to your time away at the beach. Read this for inspiration on how to create your vacation playlist & fill it with some fresh beats.

10. Make A Tasty Dish

It won’t be as quick or painless as a resort chef’s gourmet masterpieces, but baking and straining is half the fun!


11. Branch Out

Treat yo’self to a night on the town. Go out to dinner somewhere fancy, and spend the night in a hotel. Take a day trip somewhere local to remind yourself of the beauty around you. Let’s be real, a trip to the beach is the best. But you don’t have to travel far to branch out.

12. Start Dreaming Now –

Give our BeachMasters a call. It’s never too early to start daydreaming about your next vacation. We’d love to daydream with you. Family reunion, girls’ getaway, best friend’s wedding, 10 year anniversary– there’s a resort for them all. Get your next beach vacation on the calendar pronto.

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We’d like to hear from you!

  • What makes re-entering reality from your All Inclusive beach trip a bit easier?
  • Have you found other cures to Beach Withdrawals?
  • How do you share BlueSun Moments?
  • What BeachMaster have you loved working with?