15 Problems Only Beach-Goers Will Understand

If you’re a frequent beach-goer like myself, there are a few issues that you probably run into during your visits.

From sand, to sunburns, to sand, to other people, to sand, to weather — the beach, though amazing and my favorite place, comes with its own set of annoying issues.

But, let’s be real, the beach is 1000% worth enduring every single one.

15 Problems Only Beach-Goers Will Understand:

1. The View

I’m kidding — this obviously isn’t a problem.

Breathless PUJ


2. Sand… everywhere

No matter how many times you shake out your towel, the sand is there to stay.

For seemingly months after your beach visit, you’ll be finding grains of sand on your skin, in your bag, in your hair, in your car, on your clothes… everywhere.

But really — who’s complaining?


3. Hand Print Sunburn

You thought you could handle lathering your back yourself, but time would reveal your insufficient application of the SPF.

Don’t worry — we’ve all been there.



4. European Sunbathers

You know, that moment you’re strolling on the beach and all of a sudden you realize that person isn’t wearing a bikini top.

Awkward? Not awkward? It’s awkward just deciding if it should be.

vintage sunbathers


5. The Lobster

We’ve all seen them… that poor soul that didn’t get the memo that sunscreen is necessity at the beach.



6. Salty Hair

I don’t know about you, but I actually love the slightly sticky, tangled mess that is salty hair.

salty hair


7. Neck Pain (from reading belly-down on a lounge chair)

If only these lounge chairs existed on every beach. That awkward belly-reading neck pain would vanish.

awesome lounge chair


8. Failed Family Beach Photo

Well, let’s hope that not all of us can relate to this picture. Ouch.

failed family photo


9. Seaweed 

The sand, the waves, the palm trees… Mother Nature is amazing and we just can’t get enough of her. But then, there is the occasional seaweed that gets brought to shore by currents and it ticks us off.

Word to the wise — don’t blame this on your travel agent because there’s nothing they can do about it.

seaweed by the truck load


10. Flip Flop Fail

Um, this is the worst.

broken flip flop


11. Lack of Sunscreen

Need more sunscreen at a resort? That’ll cost you a nice $20. So, be sure to pack extra.



12. The Cocktail Problem

Meaning — which cocktail should you order?

sipping cocktails on the beach


13. Sandy Food and Drink

A little grit never hurt nobody — right?


14. Salt Water and Sunglasses

Saving your eyes from the bright glare of the sun often justifies venturing into the waves with your shades. The water dries and you’re left with the real problem — a sandy film on your sunglasses.


15. Leaving

This is perhaps the worst of them all.

But, we’ve all heard that saying — all good things must come to an end.

heart by the ocean

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