20 Stunning Photos of Secrets Maroma

Long story short, Secrets Maroma Beach is one of the most stunning resorts on the planet.

Not only is it set on the breathtaking Maroma Beach, but it’s surrounded by lush landscapes, features truly marvelous architecture and boasts some of the best cuisine in the area.

Below are some ~amazing~ photos of the property. Prepare your heart because you’re going to want to pack your bags immediately.

20 Stunning Photos of Secrets Maroma:






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Fun news to start off the weekend, so an early cheers for New Years is in order! Growing up the two things I always wanted to do were to write (as a child I always wanted to be a sports journalist) and to travel. Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m finally able to do both of those things! My job as a cinematographer has taken me to some pretty incredible places so I thought what better way to fulfill two passions than to launch a travel blog- ‘Drew’s Traveler: The Blog-worthy Travels of Dock House Digital.’ And YES, the name is a play on one of my favorite childhood bands, Blue’s Traveler..because why not? 😋 And NO, I’m not trying to be a ‘blogger’ per se, I just wanted a platform where I could journal my adventures and share funny stories, travel tips and helpful insight based on our experiences, of course with lots and lots of photos 📸 I’m currently working on entries from Mexico, France, NYC, and Little Palm Island and prepping pages for upcoming trips to Sonoma, Denmark and Minneapolis to name a few. The blog is vibrant and punchy with a side of pop culture and millennial humor including moments that are “EVERYthing” and are “giving me life.” 😆 So…I’m taking the journalistic leap! Looking forward to 2019 and committing to keeping up with the blog! I’ll be announcing the official website launch very soon🤞🏻so stay tuned! 🥳🍾🧳

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Loving life in paradise 🌴

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Before I joined our company I heard about a school teacher who said yes to this opportunity, and ended up changing her life along with thousands more. When I first heard her story (amongst a very long list of incredible milestones) she mentioned one of the most meaningful moments in her career was having the ability to gift her two sisters a once in a lifetime trip… For some reason the thought of that stuck to my heart in a big way. 💛 I couldn’t imagine what that would feel like because at the time we were just trying to keep our heads above water. We were living paycheck to paycheck, working very long hours, missing our babies and desperate for more time. I couldn’t imagine any of it… but I wanted to. I wanted to know what that would feel like MORE than my fear of never trying. In other words, my WHY was bigger than my WHY NOT, and as it turned out, that was enough. 🌈 So here we are four years later, having just gifted two of our #shinebrightinc top leaders (and their hubbies) who have become my best friends- more like sisters- the trip of a lifetime. I can hardly hold the tears back realizing the magic of it all. 😭🙏🏼💛 It started with a wish for a little more, and became more than we could have ever dreamed of. One yes turned into a ripple effect of change for thousands, and it’s the people that have come into our life because of this business, that have filled my heart in ways I never thought possible. My cup runneth over because of them, and for that I’m forever thankful. 🌟 #lifechangingskincare #opportunity #rodanandfields #heartnhustleretreat #lovethem #seisamigos 🇲🇽 #livealifeyoulove #bffs

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Outdoor beds are the best kind of beds, don’t @ me

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