4 Scientific Reasons a Beach Vacation Is Necessary For Your Health

According to psychological research done at Cornell University and San Francisco State, experiences make people happier than possessions.

The glimmer and initial pleasure of purchasing a new possession fades in a matter of months, while experiences continue to provide happiness through memories — even after the event occurred.

So, if you don’t have a beach trip planned, these scientific reasons may cause you to reconsider. Your brain may be missing out on the release of happy chemicals.

4 Scientific Reasons a Beach Vacation Is Necessary For Your Health:

1. We are one with nature

We’re made up of water, it’s part of our very essence. By weight, the average human male adult body is composed of approximately 65 percent water. We are biologically connected and it’s time to get back to nature and discover what we are made of.


2. We’re more relaxed by the water

It turns out that the very sight of the beach sub-consciously calms us.

While pictures of urban landscapes evoked activity in the parts of our brains associated with stress, nature scenes elevates that activity because they are associated with “positive outlook, emotional stability and the recollection of happy memories.”


3. Pictures aren’t as good as the real thing

Science stands behind it. Pictures of the ocean, although similar in visual perception, are not really the ocean. It lacks the sounds and smells that create a true beach experience.

So although it’s great to like and share those amazing pictures of the beach, it just does not compare to actually being at the beach.


4. The color blue is soothing

Did you know that blue is one of the world’s most favorite colors?

Blue is associated with the sky, ocean and water, so people usually associate it with peace, creativity and tranquility. This could mean that a trip to the beach could refuel and inspire your creativity, while giving you peace and tranquility.

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