5 Reasons You Should Stay At Azul the Fives

Last summer, my best friend and I visited The Fives Azul Beach Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico — and it was amazing.

Not only was the weather superb, the service unmatched and the food exquisite, but we were constantly made to feel like royalty on all levels.

Here we are living the dream.

Below are five (of a million) reasons why you should make Azul The Fives your next vacation destination.

5 Reasons You Should Stay At Azul the Fives:

1. Food

The food at Azul the Fives is ~the~ best I’ve ever had at a resort — by far.

Part of this property’s draw is what they call the Gourmet Inclusive Experience. Basically, this means that they put extra care and preparation into their food and drinks. At The Fives, they offer French, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Thai and more.

My personal favorite was the sushi bar. No lie, we were there four nights and we ate sushi three of those nights.


2. Drink

Like I said, The Fives puts a lot of thought into their food and drink.

There are literally 10 bars on this property and they all offer high-quality, tasty, strong drinks. And thank God because who wants a watered-down margarita.

Oh, and they also had a large selection of domestic beers here — something I don’t see at many resorts.


3. Beach

Obviously, we all go to Mexico for one thing — the beach — and The Fives’ beach is one to write home about.

Not only is it sprawling and white sand-covered, but it’s pulsing with a perfect mixture of activity and relaxation. Like, one day I was in the mood to burn off some of the 1,000 drinks I had consumed, so I played sand volleyball, but then the next day I wanted to chill and do nothing, so I curled up on a Bali bed.



4. Pools

The pools at The Fives are literally breathtaking — and there are a wide variety.

My personal favorite was the adults-only pull. Not only was it beautiful (pictured below), but it was quiet, had it’s own private bar and offered secluded lounge areas.

There are a couple other pools including one that literally backs up to the beach. Near that one is a couple restaurants, some food trucks, a bar and tons of activities.


5. Property

Everything about The Fives’ property is luxurious and lush.

There are little trails that connect different parts of the property to each other and they’re all surrounded by tropical flowers, tress and plants — stunning.

Though the decor and architecture is fairly modern, it’s made to feel super cozy with the natural wood grain, Earth-y color-scheme, water features and landscape.

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