5 Resort-Inspired Drinks You Can Make at Home

After arriving home from the luxury of an All Inclusive resort, it’s hard to adjust back into the rhythm of daily life.

No longer do you have access to decadent food, sandy beaches and poolside service. Instead, you have a pantry, a shower and your own two hands.

But, there’s something you can do to bring a little of that All Inclusive attitude into your very own home — make a resort-inspired cocktail!

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit a stunning resort called Unico 2087.

While there, I enjoyed the food, the views, the activities and the drinks — they were insanely good. Come to find out, Unico hires trained mixologists to mix drinks at every bar and restaurant. Boujee.

My favorite bar was called Gin Time. Here, as you may have guessed, they specialize in gin drinks — and they’re amazing. So when I got home, I knew I had to try and recreate them.

Below are four cocktails and one mocktail for you to try. And warning — don’t be surprised when they transport you directly to the beach.

Xkeban (The Sinner)


+ 2 oz. Vodka Infused with Chile de Arbol (sun-dried pepper)

+ 1 oz. Lemon Juice

+ 1 oz. Agave Honey

+ 1.5 grams Strawberries

+ 3 Basil leaves

+ 3 Mint Leaves

+ Chile de Arbol for garnish

+ Lemon twist for garnish


1. Add vodka, lemon juice, strawberries, mint, basil, agave to a shaker and muddle.

2. Add ice and shake.

3. Strain into a chilled glass.

4. Garnish with lemon twist and Chile de Arbol.

The Spirit of Jade


+ 1.5 oz. Gin

+ 3 oz. of Mint Tea Infused with Ginger

+ Tonic Water

+ Cucumber, Ginger and Mint for garnish


1. Add gin and tea.

2. Top off with tonic water.

3. Garnish with cucumber, ginger and mint.

Gin Aurora


+ 1.5 oz. Gin

+ .5 oz. Ginger Syrup

 + .5 oz. Basil Syrup

+ 1 oz. Grapefruit Juice

+ Tonic Water


1. Pour gin, basil syrup, ginger syrup and the juice into a shaker. Add ice and shake.

2. Cool a tumbler glass and add ice.

3. Serve the Tonic water slowly.

4. Garnish with basil spring and grapefruit slice.



+ 1.5 oz. Gin

+ .5 oz. Aperol

+ 1 oz. Grapefruit Juice

+ .5 oz. Rosemary Syrup

+ Tonic water


1. Pour gin, aperol, syrup and juice into a shaker. Add ice and shake.

2. Cool a tumbler glass and add ice.

3. Serve the Tonic water slowly

4. Garnish with a rosemary stick

Skipping the booze? Treat yourself to this mocktail!



+ 1 oz. Cucumber Syrup

+ 1 oz. Mint Syrup

+ 1 oz. Ginger Syrup

+ 1 oz. Lime Juice

+ 4 oz. Mineral Water

+ Cucumber slice for garnish

+ Lime slice for garnish

+ Pineapple leaf for garnish


1 Pour the syrup into tumbler glass with ice.

2. Add the mineral water and stir.

3. Garnish with slice of cucumber, slice of lime and pineapple leaves.