5 Simple Ways to Detox After Your Vacation

We all know that feeling when you’ve consumed enough food to make a food baby in your tummy. While at my All Inclusive, I truly embrace the “all” part of eating an unnecessary course at dinner, consuming yet another fruity drink that I don’t even need, or ordering room service at 2am because why not?!


So what do you do when you’re leaving the Caribbean airport & your pants feel a little more snug than when you arrived 7 days ago? We laugh it off, but deep down feel disappointed in ourselves because that “beach bod” we’ve been working on for months, just took a few steps in the opposite direction. So as a friend, I’m here to give you these simple steps to help you bounce back to your routine and detox from too many vacation margaritas.

 5 Simple Ways to Detox After Your Vacation


1. Hydrate or die-drate:

After that fourth or fifth round of margs on the beach, your body needs water more than anything else. Get your body back on track by drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces of water. I like to push myself and  drink 75 fluid ounces of water a day. Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring though! Add in some lemon, lime, or cucumbers. Great alternative to spice up your water intake: La Croix products



2. Think Whole Thoughts

While on vacation, I down so many carbs for breakfast. From the glorious sugar-glazed croissants to the buttered pancakes, I rarely say “no” on vacation. When bouncing back, the last thing I want to eat are raw vegetables or healthy alternative. But you can make easy choices throughout the day that don’t have to suck all the fun out of life:

In the morning – Incorporate protein with some oatmeal & fruit or slip in some veggies by hiding them in your smoothies. After I add my favorite fruits & some protein powder, it totally hides the veggie taste.

In the afternoon – Add veggies as a side to your lunch. Dip some carrots in hummus or celery sticks in some peanut butter for a great afternoon snack.

At night – Think protein & veggies. There are yummy ways to make dinner fun & not boring. I love pairing asparagus with salmon or grilled chicken with roasted brussel sprouts.

For a treat – Let yourself have at least one wine night (red wine preferably) to cope with your vacation withdrawals.

Need food inspiration? Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring. There’s so many options from experts like Against All Grain who make eating healthy, beautiful & creative.


3. Burn baby burn!

I can get carried away with workout plans or gym memberships I rarelystick with. When you feel the stress of needing to work off the extra vacation pounds, stop, breathe, and take it a day at a time. If you’re at home & needing a quick workout, check out simple online workouts like this to work the entire body and de-stress all-in-one:



4. Walk & Talk –

I can get in a slump so easily after my vacation where I always want to sit & thus have no energy in my day. The best way to fight this is to take any opportunity to walk around. Whether it’s a walk around the office, walking & talking on the phone, or a walk after dinner, these moments help me fight any excuse to be lazy & is a great way to spend quality time with a friend or spouse.


5. Make a game plan –

Go into your next vacation confident that you can choose healthy, more whole options while still enjoying yourself just as much as last time! Save the desert just for dinner instead of after every meal, limit your fruity drink intake, go for a morning jog on the beach, you get the picture. And we believe in you!!

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