5 Steps to Spice Up Your Romantic All Inclusive Getaway

You, your loved one and the beach — if that’s not the recipe for romance, I don’t know what is!

However, there are times when it takes a bit more heat to rekindle the romance. If you want to spice up your relationship or grow in the area of romance, what better way than to do it on an All Inclusive beach trip?

Below are five things you can do to spice up your romance.

5 Steps to Spice Up Your Romantic All Inclusive Getaway:

1. Choose the right destination

Finding the right resort is key to setting a romantic backdrop to your getaway.

Would kids running around the property hinder the spark? If so, Adults Only as opposed to Family Friendly may be the way to go. Are you looking for a more secluded property? Then a Zoetry resort may be perfect for you.

This is when real expertise matters and rummaging through hotel reviews just won’t do. Insider tip: Ask your BeachMaster. They’ll know exactly which resort will fit your desires, as they have been to many resorts firsthand.

2. Unplug

Access to your smart phone on vacation could put a wedge between you and your significant other. Take a vacation from work, email and — yes — even social media. This will help you reconnect with the one you love.

3. Relax

A little de-stressing can be magical for a relationship. Below are a few tips on how to do that.

  • Enjoy the beaches — It sounds a tad cliché, but c’mon… it’s so romantic! Take a long walk along the shoreline or retreat to the beach after dark for a little star gazing and canoodling.
  • Take advantage of the spa — Schedule a couples massage.
  • Create your own spa — Don’t want to spend the extra cash? Create your own “spa” in your hotel room. Before going on vacation, learn how to give a back massage — if you’re not a pro already. Pack some massage oil, relaxing music and surprise him or her with a relaxing treat.
  • Take time slowly — Spend quality time in your room napping or sitting on the balcony sipping mimosas. You don’t have to be doing activities the whole time. Take time to breathe.

Insider tip: Ask your BeachMaster whether there are resort credits included in your package. Sometimes these credits can go towards spa packages.

4. Go the extra mile

Need a few ideas to spruce up the beach getaway? Going the extra mile can speak volumes to your significant other and pay huge dividends in your relationship! Try some of the following tips.

  • Honeymoon or Anniversary? — Ask your BeachMaster if your resort offers a complimentary or supplemental Anniversary or Honeymoon Package. If so, they’ll add it to your reservation.
  • Romantic dinner — Go above and beyond to reserve a romantic dinner for two on the beach.
  • Be fancy — If you’re not going to do a beach dinner, dress up for at least one dinner while on your trip.
  • Order room service — Just stay in bed a little longer! Room service is often times part of the All Inclusive package.
  • Take advantage of the butler service — Does your resort offer butlers? Resorts like the Iberostar Grands (Bavaro, Rose Hall and Paraiso Maya) have butler service included. Have them draw a bath with rose petals for a romantic surprise.
  • Renew your vows — With the beautiful ocean as your witness, remember why you first fell in love and recommit to forever together.

5. Have fun together 

The couple that plays together stays together. Think about what activities you’d like to engage in while on your romantic trip.

  • Plan a few activities — Don’t hesitate to call the front desk or ask the on-resort Apple Representative to inquire about on-site and off-site activities that will suit your personality.
  • Try something new — Consider a recreation you have never done together. Some of the most out of the ordinary travel experiences make for the the best romantic vacation memories.
  • Practice spontaneity — At an All Inclusive, there really are so many fun little things you can do. Try it — it may overflow into other facets of your life as well!
  • Step outside your comfort zone — When you are on a vacation with your loved one, step outside of your comfort zone and keep your relationship moving and fun.
  • Learn one another — Utilize your swim up or poolside bar and spend a day lounging and talking. Keep it intentional and fun. Ask questions! You think you know your mate, but you may just be surprised how much there is to find out about them still! Try these fun printable conversation starter cards!
  • Be active together — Play sand volleyball or go for a beach run. Getting hot, sweaty and active together is fun!

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