5 Tips: How Your Kids Can Enjoy an All Inclusive

Parents, do you feel exempt from traveling and seeing the world once you fill your nest with little kiddos?

Kids put a different spin on vacation, but there’s nowhere more accommodating than a Family Friendly All Inclusive.

Our BeachMaster, Heather, just recently traveled with her family & two friends (dubbed “Aunt & Uncle”) to this fabulous resort in Punta Cana.

“It’s fun to experience vacation through the eyes of a child,”Group Photo PUJ


said Heather when asked about her experience traveling with kids.

Heather’s two kids, 4-year old “E” and 6-month old “Baby H”  conquered the All Inclusive lifestyle, proving it is in fact not only possible for your kids to enjoy a resort but a blast for the parents too.

Here are 5 tips from one helpful Mama to another:
How your 4-year old can enjoy a resort
1. Create a routine

E’s Daily Schedule

Wake up early
Play in the plunge pool: the personal mini pool in front of the room
Go eat breakfast: pancakes with Nutella & bananas
10 am swim up bar run: E would sit at the bar with Jose or Gilberto & order his daily banana “milkshake” (bananas, milk and ice)
Spend the afternoon scattered with snacks, playing with Daddy on the beach, ordering room service, and then ending with a long nap,
Before dinner, E would then go back to the swim up bar & get “more sugars” (His favorite: chocolate ice cream)


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2. Make beach memories

E told us his favorite memory of the trip was watching the sunrise on the beach (a perk of being an early riser).
Honestly, don’t the best memories from our childhoods can come from the beach?
At BSV, we like to dub these beach memories as “BlueSun Moments”.
E said he was “dying” laughing when his dad buried him in the sand.
It was easy to get quality time playing in the sand, being chased by waves, and chilling on the shore. An added perk was having an Uncle to splash in the pool while mom & dad lounged a bit.

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And for your little little ones, never fear. Baby H was perfectly content eating sand and looking cute.

H doesn't like the sand

Though this picture may say otherwise, Baby H loved the sand.

3.Make friends with the resort staff

Let the resort staff have fun with your kids.
“It was such a treat to have someone be so attentive to our needs,”
Heather said the Zoetry staff would walk around with Baby H when she had the morning grumpies or bring her a ready plate of cut up cucumbers & avocados. They even gave her the nickname “La Reina” which means “The Queen” – and they definitely treated her like one.

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Being familiar with staff also gives your kids a chance to practice stand-up by entertaining them. E got some good comedy reps being a crowd favorite among the swim up bar staff.

4. Activities will be your best friend

In everyday life, “extra-curricular activities” have the potential to be a Mom’s worst nightmare. But at your resort, these activities will make some of the best memories of your trip.

“I wasn’t strong enough to paddle,”

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E told us all about his All Inclusive activities from horseback riding, chilling at the pool and kayaking in the ocean.
We think he was pretty brave going out into the ocean.


5. Embrace the vacation

It’s important to let your kids be kids.

“My advice to other moms is to relinquish control of your ‘no sweets’ rule. You only get to vacation every so often.”

We encourage you to use this time as a special occasion for your kids to enjoy special yummy treats together as a family.
We’d like to think E’s favorite part of the trip was ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream.

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The All Inclusive lifestyle truly can suit all ages. Months later, Heather (32) and E (4) have lasting memories, stories, and all the feels to share about their All Inclusive beach experience.

Is it time your family made BlueSun Moments together?