6 Ways To Handle Flight Nerves For Your Vacation

You did it! You finally decided to take that long awaited, needed vacation to the beach. You deserve a high-five.


But then reality sets in, because you remember you hate flying. Maybe this is a fear you’ve been avoiding or maybe it’s a small little anxiety you feel when you get in line for TSA (this is me every time I travel to be honest). But I’m here today to tell you,

IT’S TIME to conquer your fears and get you to the beach my friend!

Use these 6 tips before you travel on a plane and your flight nerves will be cured in no time.

6 Ways To Handle Flight Nerves For Your Vacation

1. Phone A Friend

Sometimes a friendly voice is all you need. Talk to your mom, a best friend, your spouse or kids…whoever it is in your life that you aren’t traveling with that brings you joy and that sense of comfort. It’ll cure that anxiety right up.


2. Distract Yourself

I don’t mean avoid your fears and act like they don’t exist. But sometimes a great story, a binge-worthy Netflix episode, or relaxing music is just the right medicine to slow your heart rate and put your mind at ease. Take some time before your trip to download some songs or a podcast on your phone so you can listen while your phone is on airplane mode.


3. Stay Organized

If you’re cool with the literal flying part, but get nervous about TSA, customs, or losing important documents, this can be easily cured. Keep your passport, credit cards, your itinerary and custom forms in a handy passport or documents’ holder so you can hold onto it and know everything you absolutely need to travel internationally is in one place.


4. Dress Comfortably

I always try to wear comfy pants or bring my favorite jacket with me that way I can feel secure. If you’re already anxious, being cold and shivering on the plane doesn’t help. Make yourself as comfortable as possible and save your cute summery tops for the beach. My motto is the more comfortable I am, the happier I’ll be.


5. Know The Facts

Sometimes, I’ll admit it, when the turbulence starts to get a little louder or more intense than normal I start to freak out a little bit inside.

But did you know that turbulence is just unsteady movement of air, water or fluid? You’d be surprised that when driving in a car, you actually experience the same feelings as you would on a plane.

Watch this video of expert pilot Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who safely landed US Airways flight 1549 on the Hudson river in 2009 with no loss of life.


6. Make New Friends

I love when unexpected conversations come from a random stranger sitting next to me on my flights. Meeting new people is not only a great quality to grow in, but it also helps the time pass and can help relieve flight anxiety. And honestly, life is just better with new friends

Okay, you’re ready to travel and your butt to the beach! Give us a call and we’ll get everything set up for you.