7 Beach Outfit Staples To Minimize Packing

Nothing is better than the feeling of packing light and efficient.

However, nothing is worse than forgetting that one item of clothing that would have truly made your vacation ensemble complete.

This is usually my reaction when I’ve come to this realization:


So, to avoid this devastating feeling, here are a few staple outfits that will ensure you’re covered for every occasion, and make your bags lighter than ever.

7 Beach Outfit Staples To Minimize Packing


First things first, let’s talk about shoes.

This is honestly the most cumbersome item in my suitcase. But, if you can find that one pair of sandals that covers all your bases — from the airplane ride, to walking around your resort, to hitting the beach, to dressing up for dinner — you’re set.

Don’t bring that expensive pair of high heels or even wedges. You will not want to wear them, I promise.

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casual dress

A casual light-weight dress can go a long way. Not only will it work perfectly as a dinner outfit, but it’ll double as a cover-up, and exploration outfit and lounge wear.

Set your wardrobe free, and don’t limit yourself to only wearing dresses to one place.

an all day, all night kinda dress ☀️🌙 . #oldnavystyle #summer

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jean shorts

Jean shorts are a must for the beach.

They’re great for pairing with a cute swimsuit top, perfect for exploring on your excursions, and ideal for just lounging around your room or balcony.


backpack or bag

A mid-sized backpack or bag works perfectly as a personal item for the plane, a beach bag to keep your beach essentials from water, and a purse for dinner at a nice restaurant.

Plus isn’t it kind of ironic to pack your suitcase full of other bags?

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stylish shades

Get that one pair of sunglasses that not only protect your eyes, but that you love to be photographed in.

You don’t want to have to fork over $100 on sunglasses in the airport — my husband did this on our honeymoon. You’d much rather spend that $100 on a massage or excursion. Trust me.


versatile swimsuit(s)

Bringing the right variety of swimsuits can be challenging.

My approach to this issue is finding that one staple top or bottom and pairing it with other patterned or solid swimsuits!

You don’t need as many swimsuits as you think. Just bring your favorites!

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Okay, hats can be tricky.

Sometimes you need a baseball cap to throw on your wet sea-salt hair as you head to the lunch buffet, and sometimes you just need a fun floppy beach hat. I’d say limit yourself to one practical and one fun hat.

And if you’re not a hat person, maybe try one out this next trip. They make for great photo shoots.


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And you’re outfit staples are complete!


Ready to put all these amazing beachy outfits to use? Let’s get you to Mexico or the Caribbean ASAP!!!