7 Reasons El Dorado Royale Should Make Your List If You Need A Beach Getaway

Whenever people ask me where to vacation, I almost always say, “Riviera Maya“.


Because it gives you everything you need for a true beach experience, from the beaches themselves to the tropical palm-tree vibes.

There’s nothing I love more than the moment I finally feel the sand slide along my feet and witness the sound and sight of waves creating bubbles against the shore. Once I can hear, feel and see the beach, I know I’ve ~truly~ made it to paradise.

My husband and I just returned from our 3rd trip together to Riviera Maya and this time, we stayed at El Dorado Royale – we unanimously agree that this resort is the best place to experience the beauty of Riviera Maya.


Here’s 7 Reasons Why El Dorado Royale Should Make Your List. 


I know this is a random first reason to stay at a resort, but nothing makes me feel more like I’m in paradise than when I’m surrounded by palm trees. El Dorado Royale has the most beautiful lush landscape and you can witness it the moment you step outside the lobby. Get ready to be greeted by paradise. And whether you’re walking along the beach, enjoying a beverage by the pool or exploring throughout the resort, there is an Instagrammable (is this a word?) moment at every turn.

Here’s some visuals we took on our trip to prove it:



My favorite place to eat was by far the “Health Bar”. If you like to eat clean, light food, especially after being in the sun all morning, this was the perfect option for natural fruit smoothies and delicious salads, paninis and other options with fresh vegetables from their greenhouses on sight.

The other food and drinks on property are very delicious. It’s important to note that Karisma properties preach their Gourmet Inclusive® Experience, so you can find higher quality food at their resorts compared to most All Inclusive resorts out there. Fun tip: Make Reservations one night for Fuentes — which is the definition of “dinner and a show”.

The meal features six courses, with a wine pairing for each. The Michelin-trained chef teaches you cooking techniques and how and why he prepared each dish.



Did you know that El Dorado Royale is connected to two other Karisma properties, El Dorado Casitas and Generations (a family-friendly resort)? This added variety to our trip. Technically my husband and I stayed at Casitas, but all the restaurants and activities reside at El Dorado Royale. As an adult, it’s fun to get to walk over to Generations and explore their restaurant options as well.

What I loved most about El Dorado Royale is it offers activities for those who need activities and plenty of lounge options for those who want to chill all day.




When in Riviera Maya, you will most likely fall in love with your beach cabana and never want to leave. There are plenty of cabanas, beach and pool chairs, hammocks – you name it – to lay in all day. Plus with beach service and swim-up bars, we were never without a drink in hand and didn’t have to get up to get one – they bring you your drink orders on repeat all day.



If you like the idea of beach cabanas, just picture that same aesthetic as your suite. There are many suite options – the Casitas are their own section of bungalow suites – but Royale offers hotel styled buildings as well as swim-out suites. They’re beautiful.



Like I said, Royale provide activities for those who love and need activities. Interested in what those are? There’s morning yoga, bike tours, greenhouse tours and daytime shows like water aerobics happening all week long.

Another fun night activity is Guacamayas Bar. Post dinner-time, there is always some sort of entertainment show, like a Michael Jackson impersonation, a fire show and a circus/magic show to a fiesta night. Following the shows, the stage area would transform into a dance floor and a DJ would begin their set.

Even if you’re not the dancing type, the actual bar itself is fun to chill by because it has swings!

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A little morning yoga to kick off #humpday.

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My absolute favorite thing about Karisma resorts is their focus on sustainability and their focus on the environment.

A big way that they do so is through the quality of their Gourmet Inclusive® Experience, which features fresh produce grown in their very own hydroponic greenhouses located onsite at El Dorado Royale. Pro tip: Bring a stainless steel cup – it saves the environment and keeps your drinks hot or cool if you want coffee on the beach or need your fruity drink to stay fresh.


Ready to get yourself on this beach? Let’s get you to El Dorado Royale!