7 Reasons Why Every Personality Will LOVE Secrets Resorts

When you hear the words “Adults Only,” usually that’s code for “Couples Only”.

This can be a buzz kill if you’re trying to get away with your best girl friends or your family, or are in charge of planning that bumping bachelor party.

We’re not cynical or anything. We’re just stating the facts.



Some of our favorite resorts to sell — Secrets Resorts — are not only some of the top resorts to travel to, but they’re also not just for couples to enjoy.

On our latest trip, we traveled to Secrets Maroma and Secrets Playa Mujeresboth of which are in Mexico, and realized that every type of adult can have the perfect vacation. We got to travel as best friends and while we are both very different…


From the introverted book worm to the friend that needs to be entertained 24/7, let us tell you all about these two amazing Secrets resorts that we got to experience together.

Here’s 7 Reasons Why Every Personality Will LOVE Secrets Resorts

1. The Pools

The pools at Secrets range on the scale of relaxing and secluded to social and entertaining. Whatever vibe you want for that day, there’s usually a pool to suite your mood for that day. The infinity pools at Secrets Playa overlooked the ocean and the Oceanfront Rooms had us “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing. They are stunning.


2. The Service

At Secrets they greet you at the entrance with cold towels, champagne and cookies. From optimal pool lounging spots to room service, if you have a craving in that moment, there’s almost always a way to get it and you’ll be treated like royalty. It doesn’t matter who you are, that’s always a perk on vacation.



Okay, by far, these beaches are some of the biggest and best beaches we have ever visited. The beach at Secrets Maroma is so big that you can easily seclude yourself if you want some quiet or can be right in the middle of the activity. the beach at secrets playa shares a beach with dreams playa but it feels so secluded and private. Chelsea read 4 books on the trip and Maegan played every beach game imaginable from angry birds volleyball to pool bingo (reigning champ).


4. The Activities

You’re not bound to your room once the sunsets. There’s always something to do:

-During the day most Secrets resorts have yoga classes, water aerobics, bike tours, pool bingo, angry birds on the beach, beach volleyball tournaments, pool bingo, basketball…we could go on and on.

-At night there is almost always an activity of some sorts whether it’s a show from the entertainment staff, a concert with celebrity appearances, shows in the theater and disco or karaoke nights.

Fun Fact: Secrets Playa Mujeres is neighbors with Dreams Playa Mujeres, the perfect family-friendly resort with a massive lazy river and so many fun activities you can participate in when you stay at Secrets.


5. The Entertainment

The staff is by far the best entertainment staff we’ve ever seen at a resort. The staff was so enjoyable and entertaining. They remembered us by name and always invited us to join in the fun.

At night you can experience something new every single night at your resort. Perfect for a group dynamic, am I right? The night shows were upbeat and had a buffet before with amazing Italian food. The concert on the beach was our personal favorite night.

Here were the events the entertainment staff put on at Secrets Maroma:

  • Italian buffet with acrobatics show
  • Circus fire show
  • Concert on the beach
  • Disco night at the club
  • Sports bar pool games


6. The Drinks

At Secrets, they remembered our drinks daily. One day we were sipping on Pina Coladas and then the next day switch to Margaritas and they remembered without us having to ask or order a refill.

Top drinks at Secrets: “The Superman”, Pina Colada, “Electric Lemonade”


7. The Options

We would go back to Secrets resorts in a heartbeat. Who knew a resort could pull off both relaxing and entertaining vibes so beautifully and aesthetically, all with top notch service.

We highly suggest a trip to Secrets Resorts to make for a perfect trip for any group or pair! From a mother-daughter trip, friends trip, bachelor / bachelorette party, honeymoon, couples trip, adult family trip or destination wedding party. We can bet you’d have an amazing experience no matter who you are.

Because who doesn’t love being pampered with your favorite people in paradise?!?

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