The 7 Types of Friends to Bring On Your Girls Trip

So, you’re thinking of planning a beach trip soon and you want it to be all girls? This is always a good idea.

However, you may want to make sure you cover all grounds as far as personalities. You don’t want too many dominant travelers, just like you don’t want too many introverts. A good mix always works out the best for everyone. Check out this list of 7 ideal friend options to easier narrow down your list.

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The 7 Types of Friends to Bring On Your Girls Trip:

The Planner

In every friend group, no matter the age, there’s that Type-A person. It doesn’t matter if it’s a casual brunch, movie night, or a 7-night vacation — these ladies have it all laid out for the rest of you. I’m talking budgets, excel sheets, and laminated itineraries. It’s likely that the rest of you don’t care enough to do all of this…but that’s why you should always bring this gal along. If a problem arises, she’s probably already thought of at least 3 possible solutions.

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The Jokester

Right alongside the “planner” is her polar opposite– the jokester. When there’s a bump in the road, she’s the one cracking a joke about it while the other is concerned. Let’s face it, you need both to have a successful trip. There’s bound to be problems, but if you can’t laugh them off, you’ll just stay stressed the rest of your vacation. Make sure to bring this goofball  along to keep everyone smiling.

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The Photographer

In the year of 2017, we’re pretty much ALL on our phones way too much. However, we all have that one friend…you know, the one that’s documenting everything at all times. Her Snapchat stories are 10 minutes long and you can never start eating a meal without her taking a picture of the table first. Complain all you want, but this is the person you’ll be running to at the end of your trip for all the great vacation pics and videos. She’s probably that awesome friend that takes cute candids of you on the beach without you knowing. You can thank her later!

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The Party Animal

You probably already have an idea of who this would be just based off the nickname. This girl is a MUST when it comes to any girls getaway, especially a trip to the beach. She was born for this type of thing. This friend will probably be the one utilizing the 24-hour room service amenity since she will still be awake in the wee hours of the night. Find her at the resort’s hot tub with a drink in hand and plenty of new resort friends. She’ll also be dragging you out of bed when you get that urge to sleep in mid-week. Don’t worry, this is a good thing. You’re only at the beach for so long!

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The Foodie

Speaking of 24-hour room service…don’t forget to bring your foodie friend along. Staying at an all-inclusive resort, it’s likely that you will have access to anywhere between 5-15 unique restaurants to enjoy during your stay. For most people, it can be easy to get comfortable with the first few places you try and stick to them. This girl will not let that happen! She loves all things ‘cuisine,’ and there’s no reason you and your crew shouldn’t explore all the resort has to offer. On top of that, the foodie friend probably has high expectations when it comes to her meals, so expect nothing but the best with her around.

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The Optimist

We can all agree that anything involving travel can easily lead to stress, which usually leads to bad moods. Add a large group of females into that mix and it does not usually end well. That’s where the optimist friend fits in. She knows how to keep her cool in any situation and how to extend that energy to the rest of the crew when needed. Flights get delayed? She’ll come up with an activity to do together in the airport. Rain for 2 full days on the beach? She’s already signing all of you up for indoor salsa dancing lessons. Sometimes it feels good to sulk, but not on vacation. Invite this gal.

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The Relaxer 

Last, but certainly not least, we have the relaxer. Laid-back, chill, down-for-whatever kind of pal. She’s the one you call when you’re randomly craving McDonalds and need someone to tag along so you don’t feel guilty about it. On the way there, you decide you want Taco Bell instead and she’s okay with that too. Every woman needs a friend like this in her life — especially on vacation! Between the organized planner who knows what she wants, the amped-up party girl, and the picky-eater foodie friend, you’ll definitely want someone who just doesn’t really care. Pack your bags, relaxer!

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