7 Ways to Create the Most Relaxing Beach Trip Possible

Vacations beckon guests to let go and relax — but sometimes the preparation itself can induce a wave of stress.

So, how do you avoid that stress and instead start the unwinding process from the moment you book your trip?

Below are seven ways we — as vacation experts — make our vacations as relaxing as humanly possible.

7 Ways to Create the Most Relaxing Beach Trip Possible

1. Book your trip with us

Having one point of contact — an experienced contact, at that — from when you book until you land back at home will set you at ease.

For example, if you misplace your travel documents, you can easily access them from your BeachMaster. They’ll also inform you of important things to know before you go and answer questions you have about your trip via direct phone or email.

It’s really the only way to travel.

2. Make lists

Lists are so helpful – and not just the mental kind! We suggest you write down important things that need to get done before your trip starts.

Make separate lists like a “Packing List” and a “Before I Leave” list that you can physically check off as you get things done.

This will keep you from experiencing that panicked feeling of “Did I…?” when you’re in destination.

3. Lock in dinner plans before you get to the beach

Are you worried you may not get to enjoy your favorite cuisine due to unavailability? Ask your BeachMaster how to reserve A La Carte dinners before you even set foot at the resort.

Many All Inclusive resorts offer this service and allow guests to make a certain number of reservations in advance. Check that off your list!

Looking to avoid reservations? Some resorts don’t require them. If you’re interested, contact your BeachMaster!

4. Strategically pack your carry-on

Think of the essential things you would need if your checked bags did’t make it to destination.

My family has a household rule that we do not leave the house for a trip without a bathing suit in our carry on. Some other items to toss in could be flip flops, bathing suit cover up, toothbrush, essential make-up and an extra pair of clothing.

In the off chance that your bags don’t make it the first day, instead of boiling, you can shrug off your airport attire and enjoy your resort.

5. Create a folder with all your travel documents and passports

Reduce stress by keeping your travel documents organized. Print them out, then make a note of flight numbers and important details of your itinerary. Store these with your passports in an accessible place in your bag.

6. Unplug

Create boundaries for yourself when it comes to accessing the internet during your trip. Some All Inclusives have complimentary WiFi — but that doesn’t mean you have to be constantly connected.

Promise yourself to use it only a limited amount of time or for specific things. For example, don’t check work emails and only get on social media to post pictures of your trip. There is no use in stressing about the things at home by opening emails, etc that you could easily check when you get back.

Automatic response emails are a good tool for this. Prior to leaving, set one up on your email account to let people know that you won’t be checking email and give an emergency contact if their need is absolutely urgent or necessary.

This is very counter-cultural but it is very freeing to experience!

7. Come home to a clean house

Before heading out on your next vacation, take a few minutes to clean and tidy up your house. Honestly, it makes a world of difference in the stress department and allows you to come home and breathe easy after your trip.

Ready to head out on your next trip? We can help!