8 Reasons Mexico Should Be Your Next Beach Destination

1. Diversity in Topography

From destinations of arid desert trimmed by the Pacific, to lush tropical foliage turned into powdery white sand and the Caribbean — Mexico offers its guests a wide variety of topography.

Cancun – In Cancun, there is a great combination of urban and ocean for those city slickers who love the beach. Towering resorts have great views of the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean Sea. With a lot to do, vacationers can take advantage of all the action in downtown Cancun and hotel zone all conveniently located off white sand beaches.

Riviera Maya – Just down the road from Cancun, is the gem of Riviera Maya. Resorts aren’t built taller than the tallest palm tree as to preserve its natural beauty and stay true to the local foliage and fauna. This destination is perfect for beach vacationers longing for an escape away from the crowds of bigger cities. It’s lush and the white sand is powdery and Caribbean waters bright turquoise.

Puerto Vallarta – Cascading mountains rich with tropical vegetation meet the golden shores of the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a charming destination, its downtown is rich with culture and a variety of sites to see. If you time your stay just right, you may experience whaling season.

Los Cabos – Beautiful desert spans the Pacific coast in Los Cabos, making it a great attraction for many. This destination is known for fishing, vibrant coastline, whale watching, and its lively downtown area. The arid climate makes it different than other areas in Mexico that experience high humidity.

Huatulco – Rising in popularity, Huatulco is one of the hidden gems in Mexico. Huatulco is Mexico’s southernmost beach destination, located on the Pacific coast in the State of Oaxaca at the foot of the Sierra Madre del Sur. It is made up of 9 bays and 36 beaches of winding coastline. Visitors can expect high mountains and gentle slopes. The many rivers winding through lend to spectacular shades of emerald landscapes, golden shores, and azure waters.

2. Safety

We confidently send our guests to all of the above destinations.

Tourist areas — particularly the All Inclusive resorts — are safe and free from travel advisories issued by the US Department of State. Although violence is a reality in other cities in the country of Mexico, it is contained within border towns and the capital — which are hundreds of miles away from these popular vacation spots.

As always, we advise that guests use common sense and street smarts as in any place they travel.

3. Easy escape

It’s super easy to get to Mexico from anywhere in the US. Many nonstop or connecting Charter and commercial flights are offered from multiple cities. This can make for a quick getaway.

Or if you have the time, get there quick and stay a while!

4. Beaches

It’s no secret — we love the beach. White sands, golden sands, deep blue waters or turquoise waters.. all of it. After all, the best memories are made in flip flops. Am I right?

5. Activities

There is no shortage of excursions and activities in Mexico. With such a wide range of topography, history and culture, there is a vast variety of excursions and activities offered from one destination to the other.

6. All Inclusives

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, we offer a wide selection of properties that vary in style, size, demographic (Adults Only vs Family Friendly) and price.

This is where our BeachMasters can assist you in finding a great fit.

7. People

The people of Mexico are so incredibly friendly. There is deep culture and history in Mexico that emanates from the people.

Expect great, kind, hard working service.

8. Value

The dollar stretches far in Mexico. Compared to other beach destinations, an All Inclusive trip to Mexico is a great value considering what luxury your dollar can buy.

Ready to head out on your next vacation? We can help!