8 Reasons We Love Secrets the Vine

I’ll leave you with this quote from our BeachMaster, Matt.

Secrets the Vine is like that fancy party you always wanted to go to but never got an invite because you weren’t cool enough. Here, no matter where you come from or who you are, everyone is treated to the same level of service and you’re all the ‘cool kids’. The food is phenomenal and you’re only 10 minutes from downtown shopping. This place is above and beyond.”

Yup — that’s it.

8 Reasons We Love Secrets the Vine

1. Aesthetic

The design of Secrets The Vine is absolutely amazing. Sleek lines and natural colors create an ultra modern and chic atmosphere that add to the luxurious experience of this resort. Even walking through the hallways makes you feel cool.


I can honestly say that there are no bad views from this resort. On all sides, there are glass windows that radiate either the aqua blue of the Caribbean or the deep blue of the lagoon.

3. Activities

Whether you’re visiting the white-sand beach, swimming in the ocean, lounging at the pool or hanging at the bar — there is plenty to do at Secrets the Vine.

Nestled in the middle of the hotel strip in Cancun, The Vine is also close to a ton off-site activities. For example — for only $1 each way, you can catch a bus to anywhere on the hotel strip. Vacationers can experience great shopping, bars, restaurants and amazing tourist attractions.

4. Food

Across the board, Secrets Resorts offer phenomenal, diverse selections of cuisine. And, after touring all of the Secrets in Riviera Maya and Cancun, I can honestly say that Secrets the Vine has some of the most unique food variety.

In their Asian-fusion restaurant called Dragons, they offer both Thai and Korean food. And in the Sea Salt Grill, they dish up exquisite dishes of Peruvian fare. And then upstairs, they have mouthwatering Italian cuisine.

And that’s just a few.

5. Wine

Attention fans of the delicious, grape-derived-nectar-of-the-gods — there’s a lot of wine here.

Secrets the Vine’s entire resort concept revolves around wine! From bath amenities, to wine-pairing activities, to wine tastings — it’s all about grapes and wine. They even have an on-site Sommelier.

Insider tip: make sure to sign up for the wine and food pairing event that takes place regularly. It’s free!

6. Preferred Club

Word to the wise — upgrade to preferred club. It’s so worth it.

With this upgrade, you’ll be able to visit the Preferred Club Lounge, you’ll get upgraded mini-bar amenities, you’ll have access additional restaurants and, best of all, you’ll be able to swim in the Preferred Club pool.

Not only is it on the resort’s roof top, but it’s private and has it’s own bar and restaurant. It’s amazing.

7. Gym

Okay, I’m not one to workout on vacation, but this view is definitely motivation.

8. Beach

Last, but certainly not least — the beach! Honestly, it speaks for itself.