8 Tips to Surviving Winter

Are you longing for the days of summer to be back at your fingertips? The longer hours of daylight, the snow cone dates, the Saturdays at the pool, the farmers market… yeah, same.

This cold weather is giving me the blues, so I thought it would be appropriate to put together a small list of tips on how you and I can beat SAD together.

8 Tips For Surviving Winter:

1. Turn on the tunes 

Did you know that that listening to upbeat music significantly improves the your mood — this was actually proven in a 2013 study. So… turn up the music, friends.


2. Get outside 

I struggled to even type this one because I hate (!!!) the cold. But,  you can’t ignore the studies that say getting outside can improve focus, reduce symptoms of seasonal depression and lower your stress levels. So, bundle up and head outside, have a snowball fight… then head back in and make yourself a hot chocolate!


3. Help others 

The best way to get through hard times is to think outside of yourself. Take time this winter to help those less fortunate! Whether serving at a soup kitchen, volunteering to tutor kids after school or maybe even making a lonely neighbor a home cooked meal.


4. Exercise

Studies suggest moving 35-60 minutes a day can improve seasonal depression. As a bonus you can get that beach bod ready for action!


5. Eat smarter 

Certain foods — like candy and simple carbs — can provide temporary feelings of happiness, but ultimately increase anxiety and depression. So, make smarter choices throughout these cold months.


6. Treat yourself 

Massages are proven to reduce stress hormones and increase depression fighting chemicals — namely, serotonin and dopamine. In short, it will make you happier and that is a worthy investment!


7. Aromatherapy 

Smells can be a big source of comfort and evoke happy memories. Lavender, in particular, has been known to help with sadness and insomnia. Jasmine and Bergamot are also known to help. So, pour a couple drops into your next bath to help you relax!


8. Plan a vacation

Simply planning a beach vacation can significantly increase your overall happiness. Lucky for you, our friendly BeachMasters are here to help — and they’re just one phone call away.


Ready to head to the beach? We can help!