8 Ways to Sleep Better While on Vacation

I love sleep- I love it! Not setting an alarm and sleeping until my body naturally wakes up is one of my favorite parts of going on vacation. While that is my main vacation goal, my body doesn’t always adjust well to sleeping in a new place with new noises and smells. So we thought it was time to put together some tips for how to get the best night sleep while you’ re on your dream Apple Vacations trip!

  1. Bring your own pillow- You never know what kind of pillow your hotel will offer. Why play pillow roulette? If you’re like me then you have a pillow at home with your head print perfectly pressed into it…and I never leave home without it! BONUS: staying at an AM Resort? You can choose to upgrade to preferred club and will get a pillow menu in which you get to pick your own! Try them all out! Who knows- you may find a new favorite.
  2. Download a white noise app- Some people are known to lug their noise machine with them everywhere taking up much needed shoe space in their suitcase. Friends, let me welcome you to 2016 and say THEY HAVE AN APP FOR THAT. Leave that machine at home, download an app and catch some uninterrupted zzz’s by blocking out hall noise, pool noise and maybe even TV noise from your partner who wants to stay up later.
    white noise.png
  3. Make it smell like home- Over the past year I’ve become obsessed with the scent of lavender at bedtime. I normally diffuse it, however when traveling they have a spray that fits perfectly in your carry on. If you have a particular scent that makes you relax a little easier spray a some on your sheets and pillow before bed time and ease into that REM cycle, just like home!
  4. Read hotel reviews- After booking a hotel through BlueSun Vacations you can look it up on our website and see TripAdvisor reviews from past guests who may recommend a particular side of the hotel if you’re wanting a more quiet stay or even let you know construction may be happening at a resort next door. Knowledge is power…and TripAdvisor is updated in real time.
    trip advisor
  5. Reflect on your day- If you’re too old to count sheep, try to think about your day in reverse chronological order. Work backwards from getting into bed, turning of the lights, brushing your teeth, putting on your pj’s… Oh man! You get the point and we are getting tired already.reflect









6. Block out all the tiny lights- If there is one tiny light in my room it might as well be lit up like a ball park. I can see it through my closed eyeballs. A lovely trait passed down to me from my mother. I always take an extra pillow and put it at the base of the door to keep light from creeping in as well as put something in front of the TV that normally has a blaring red light that stays on when it’s not in use. Some people also suggest traveling with a binder clip to keep curtains shut and electrical tape to put over any extra lights you may see. red light on tv

  1. Pack your earplugs- One of my good friends can not sleep without earplugs. He has a subscription from Amazon Prime that keeps him stocked with a new box every other month.While you may not have his particular need for ear plugs planning to pack some isn’t such a bad idea…you can’t control other people and their noise level but you can control shoving some ear plugs in your ears.
  2. Wine-  I wish I could be one of those fun people that can have a glass of wine at dinner and then go out for drinks and dancing with friends. I REALLY DO. However, as my husband quickly learned, a glass of wine at dinner makes me so sleepy. While it may not set me up for a romantic dinner with the hubs or fun with friends, it does prove helpful if I need a good night’s rest. I just pour myself a glass, pull back the covers and either turn on my favorite show or open a good book and viola- dozing off before I know it.

How do you get good sleep while on vacation? We would love to hear your tips!


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