9 Photos You Must Capture On A Beach Trip

1. Ocean view

You came all this way– even if it feels cliche, it’s a must. No matter the weather, the blue water + blues sky combo is breathtaking.

2. Room design

I don’t know about you, but the room aesthetics are always one of the first things I notice upon arriving at a resort. Most of the time, the room is decorated in such a cozy way. I mean, look at the gorgeous room at Secrets Cap Cana:

3. Cute cocktail

Pretty much everybody loves a good cocktail at the beach, but they’re always better at an all-inclusive resort! The drinks are commonly served with a colorful garnish, or even inside a fruit like this one at Breathless Punta Cana:

4. Meal spread

These days, it’s almost as if a meal can’t be consumed until it’s been documented from above. Try not to make this an every-meal-occurrence, but definitely make sure to capture that eye-pleasing table spread when you see it.

5. Beach selfie

Don’t be shy! You’ve taken a temporary escape from your everyday-life. Cherish that while you can. When I say cherish, I mean selfie.

6. Group photo

Whether you’re with a big group or just with a significant other, it’s always awesome to get photo of everyone together! It might feel awkward asking someone you don’t know to take it, but it’s pretty likely that they don’t mind. Plus, you’ll be really happy you did when you get home and have that moment captured forever.

7. Pool scene

Although the beach is arguably the most important body of water to take pictures of on a beach trip, the pool area is usually really pretty, too! Try to catch the view at a moment where there’s not as many people running around and you’ll better capture that relaxing resort vibe.

8. Balcony view

One of my favorite parts of a day at the beach¬†is coming back to the room after so much time in the sun. You get to take in a more widespread view while you relax and cool off. Don’t forget to take a photo from this view to remember those moments, as well.

8. Resort architecture

It’s easy to get caught up in the multitude of things going on when you’re at a resort. What’s cool about all the different resorts to choose from is that they are unique in many ways– one being the architectural¬†design. If you make a point to look around, you’ll find yourself laying eyes on lots of gorgeous nooks and crannies at your resort.


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