Your Vacation’s Soundtrack

Smelling a memory is the weirdest and coolest thing. Imagine: Someone brings cookies to a party and one sniff transports you back to your Grammy’s kitchen, because you smelled a smell that s(c)ent you there (ha!). Smell can access memory in ways that we can’t consciously choose. Maybe it’s never been cookies for you, but you have shot back to Pre-K because some lady that got too close to you, in a claustrophobic aisle of Walmart, had the same perfume as your teacher. Smells can flood us into our past before we even realize what exactly it is we’ve smelled.

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Our sense of smell isn’t the only sense that carries the power of time-travel.

Sounds can do the same. And music, if we let it, holds the power to transport us to specific moments of our pasts. And in a weird mind-hack way, we can create, and plan those connections between memory and music.

Vacations are an experience to remember. It’s why we take pictures of beautiful landmarks or funny moments from our family trip to Kalamazoo. We want to experience it again. So we find ways to record. Along with using pictures pushed to the back of our Photo Streams, we can also use music to trigger our brain into remembering our trips.

Set yourself up to remember your beach vacation.

Sit down for a bit, before you go to the beach, and make a playlist of the songs you want as the soundtrack of your trip to Mexico or the Caribbean. Pick songs that will remind you of the way your feet felt in the powder-white sand, or how the salt tasted in the air, under the friendly shade of the palms.

If you’re not inclined to make your own list look no further, we’d like to share some of our BeachMaster favorites with you:

Check out these artists, and if you’re not digging it, find your own. Help yourself re-live the beach– Playlist at the ready.Lord Huron- Ends of the Earth (1)

Copy of Lord Huron- Ends of the EarthCopy of Lord Huron- Ends of the Earth

Copy of Lord Huron- Ends of the Earth (1)

Copy of Lord Huron- Ends of the Earth (2)


Honorable Mention: Zac Brown Band, Jack Johnson (for obvious reasons), Coldplay (because Coldplay), & The Beatles“Here Comes the Sun.”

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