All Inclusive FAQs

The words “All Inclusive” don’t spell out the whole deal. So we thought we’d spell it out for you.

Not every All Inclusive has the same perks & inclusions, but overall you’ll be shocked by how much you can get out of an All Inclusive vacation. We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions, so stay tuned if you’ve got questions that need some answering.

FAQs About All Inclusive Vacations:


#1 Are drinks included? 



At most resorts, not only is it “all you can drink” at the restaurants, but you can drink by the beach, at the pool, and pretty much anywhere on resort property. Anywhere you turn, it’s easy to to find a drink for your hand. So you can have as many Margaritas or Coca-Colas on the rocks as your heart desires. Remember, not every AI is the same, so some resorts charge for specific drinks (aka wine or premium liquors).

#2 What does it cost to restock the mini bar in my suite? 

Depends on the resort. At most resorts, your maid service will restock your mini-bar multiple times during your stay. And you can always ask your concierge and they are happy to help get what you need.  At an All Inclusive, you can leave for the beach with your bed in shambles & towels awry, and later return to a made-up bed for an afternoon nap, and then leave again for dinner to return to dimmed lights, maybe some rose petals, and your slippers and robe waiting by your bedside. Everything just got cooler.


#3 Do they have Pepsi?

Most resorts only have Coke products; however, some resorts have Pepsi, if you’re into that. If this really worries you, first of all: we understand, and secondly: give us a call and we can figure out if you’ll be deprived of your Diet Coke or Cherry Pepsi fix.


#4 What if I have food allergies?

Your resort’s staff is more than ready to accommodate allergies. On the menu, you can find gluten-free & vegetarian options, and whatever else you need, your resort staff is there for you.


#5 Is food available at any time?

Check out our blogs The Best Meals to Eat at your Resort and Everything You Need to Know about Dining at your Resort for all the details. This is the gist:

  • At most resorts, food is included.
  • Only certain restaurants are open for breakfast (ask your concierge when you arrive)
  • Buffets restaurants are open for longer hours than other restaurants
  • Room service is free at most resorts & offered for longer hours than other restaurants
  • Certain restaurants shut down post 7 or 8 in the evening

You can be assured that no matter your resort, you will never go hunger or without food. We can assure you, you’ll be taken care of.



#6 How much is a Spa treatment?

Spa treatments are not included in the base price for your vacation. The actual price of a spa treatment depends on your resort and the quality of your treatment. We suggest bringing around $100 – $300 per massage/per person.


#7  Is “Kayaking” considered an excursion?

At most All Inclusives, all non-motorized sports are included which means there is a great chance that Kayaking is included! Check out this website to learn more about excursions on and off resort property.


#8 Do you have to walk everywhere?

If you have any specific needs and accommodations related to physical abilities, your resort staff is right there to make the property work for you. If you’re worried about your resort’s accessibility give a BeachMaster a call to express any hesitations and get specific answers.


#9 Are tips included?

Yes, they’re calculated into the cost of your stay. However, this quality of service is incredible, so tipping a bit in person is both recommended and considered polite.


#10 How much money should I bring for shopping, souvenirs, sunscreen, etc?

Resorts accept debit and credit cards. Be aware than anything purchased on resort property will be more expensive than the same things in town. We suggest packing sunscreen from home and bringing a little extra cash for anything else you want while off resort property. Other than that a card should cover it.


Have more All Inclusive Questions?

Talk to a BeachMaster to hear from the experts.