Tips for a Stress-Free All Inclusive Family Vacation

For those of you who dread the words “family vacation,” stay tuned.

Sometimes we make things more stressful than they have to be. Parents, do you feel held back from traveling the world once you fill your nest with little kiddos? Kids put an interesting spin on vacation, but there’s nowhere more accommodating than a Family Friendly All Inclusive. So we asked our Lead BeachMomma, Heather, who is a master at both the beach and being a mom, “How do you enjoy an All Inclusive with your husband and two young kids?”

Here’s the scoop:

All Inclusive Tips for a Stress-Free Family Vacation


1. Ask for advice before choosing a resort

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Remember not every All Inclusive is created equal. That’s why a BeachMaster comes in handy. We’ve seen these resorts with our own eyes. We know which ones fit well with young kids, active kids, and teens.  Here are some of our top picks:




Now Larimar, Now Jade, Now SapphireNow Amber, Now Garden, and the new Now Onyx all have killer rates and are great Family Friendly choice resorts. From the Kids Club activities to the Teen Zone, these resorts are elegant and very active. The family would have to try to be bored at these resorts.





Dreams resorts like Dreams Riviera Cancun & Dreams Palm Beach are also stellar choices. These resorts, they have a nicer, elegant feel but are still extremely Family Friendly. While they are filled with luxury, you’ll look around and see a ping pong table in the water or kids running around. Any teen would have fun at these resorts.


2. Get your baby a passport ASAP

Yes, even your baby needs a passport. Don’t wait til the last minute, but make sure everyone’s passports are accounted for & not expired.


3. Create a routine for your kids



4. Don’t be afraid of the swim-up bar




BlueSun kids love the swim-up bar most. Especially when he ordered virgin “pinatas” aka Pina Coladas. Whether it’s a milkshake or a virgin strawberry daiquiri, your resort’s staff will love serving your kids fun fruity drinks, especially at trusted Family Friendly resorts.


The swim-up bar is a hit with kids at All Inclusive resorts. Try ordering a virgin Pina Colada,  ask for a milk shake, or just enjoy your favorite soft drink. Your resort’s staff will love serving your kids fun fruity drinks, especially at trusted Family Friendly resorts.


5. Use plenty of sunscreen 


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Peak sunburn hours are 11am – 1pm. Don’t let the cloudy skies fool you or you’ll learn the hard way with awkward sunburns. Lather up throughout the day!


6. Don’t stress over dinner




Don’t stress over dinner plans– hold them loosely. Don’t let one cranky mood turn into a family of cranky moods. Kids are unpredictable, so plan to change plans. Also, don’t forget to take off “Mom and Dad” hat and put on “Husband and Wife” hat for a night or two.

Embrace the Kids Club! Most resorts will keep your kids up to 10pm. And lastly, let yourself off the hook and alternate nights going out to dinner, with nights staying in. Watch a movie & enjoy that 24-hour room service.



7. Embrace the sandy mess

H doesn't like the sand


Remember, it’s the beach, so there will be sand.  Sometimes you just have to embrace it.


8. Check out all the free activity options 


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If you have active kids or young kids ready to try out new activities, all non-motorized sports are included at your All Inclusive. From kayaking, snorkeling, beach volleyball, snorkel lessons, and so much more. Plus the Kids Clubs and Teen Zones are really awesome! And none of it cost extra!


9. Don’t fear the sugar intake 

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It’s going to happen either way, so you might as well embrace it while your kids do.


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Got any tips from our other momma-guests out there? Comment below! We want to know.