9 Annoying Things You’ve Probably Experienced On an Airplane

I love travel more than anything in the world. To me, there’s nothing quite like experiencing a place and a culture that is unlike my own. It gives me life.

That being said — I’m not a big fan of airplane travel.

Though I find it convenient and am grateful that I’m able to do it, traveling via plane gives me anxiety. And, it’s not because I’m afraid, necessarily; it’s because of the little annoyances.


Now, obviously, these annoyances aren’t deal-breakers — like, I’m not going to avoid planes now –, but they do exist.

And, I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced them too.

9 Annoying Things You’ve Probably Experienced On a AirPlane:

1. Unplanned Checked Bags

When you only pack a carry-on bag — because you don’t want to deal with baggage claim –, but are forced to check it at the gate because the overhead bins are full.



2. Aisle Blockage

When you are just trying to get to your seat, but you can’t because someone is trying to stuff their massive bag into an overhead bin.



3. Barefeet

When someone near you takes off their shoes. For some reason, they always have the stinkiest feet in the world.



4. Seat Kicking

This doesn’t need an explanation… it’s literally the worst.



5. Drink Cart

When you have to go to the bathroom, but the drink cart is in the way.



6. Blinding Light

When you’re napping and your neighbor opens the window shade. It’s inevitable that the streams of light will be shining directly into your eyes.



7. Airport Food

When someone brings smelly airport food into the plane. Like, you’re already confined to a small space with bodily odors, bad breath, stale pretzels and more… we don’t need nasty food contributing to that.



8. Naps

When you wake up thinking you’ve landed in destination, but it’s only been 15 minutes.



9. Mass Exodus

When you land and literally everyone stands up, so you’re stuff awkwardly hunched under the luggage bins.


But, despite the woes of airplane travel, experiencing the world around you is so worth it.

So, ready to set out on your next vacation? We can help!

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