I Never Win Anything

“I never win anything.” Lots of people say that. And lots of them are right. But our thought is: somebody has to win, right? Yes. Somebody has to win. Somebody …

Your Vacation’s Soundtrack

Smelling a memory is the weirdest and coolest thing. Let me explain: Someone brings cookies to a party and one sniff transports you back to your Grammy’s kitchen, because you smelled a smell that s(c)ent you there (ha!). Smell can access memory in a way that we can’t consciously choose. Maybe it’s never been cookies for you, but you have shot back to Pre-K because some random lady in Walmart had the same perfume as your teacher. Smells can flood us into our past before we even realize what exactly it is we’ve smelled.

We have exciting news!

Here at MrBeaches, we want to shout it from the roof tops that starting June 2, 2016 we are officially changing our name from MrBeaches to (DRUMROLL PLEASE) BlueSun Vacations!

Why Ever Leave Texas??!!

Let’s be honest, if you’re from Texas, you love Texas. And you probably don’t ever want to leave Texas. After all, everything’s bigger in Texas! But sometimes, it’s good to …