12 Beauty Essentials You Should Always Have In Your Beach Bag

Packing for the beach is hard — there’s no getting around it.

From the clothes, to the bathing suits, to the skin care, to the lip balm, there’s a lot to think about and remember. And, if you’re like me, you’re always putting yourself last — aka forgetting to pack those few items that would make your beach vacation prime.

So, next time you’re headed to beach, refer to this list for a few beach beauty essentials that will not only enhance your trip, but will have your hair, skin, lips and nails looking fine.

12 Beauty Essentials You Should Always Have In Your Beach Bag:

Erin’s 3 Beach Beauty Essentials:

“When I’m at the beach, I feel like my skin often takes the back burner. Not only am I basking in the sun for hours on end, but I’m swimming in a chlorine-filled pool and salty ocean, eating foods that aren’t a normal part of my diet and, more often than not, forgetting to wash my face. For these reasons, my Mario Badescu Facial Spray is essential. The aloe, herb and rose water-packed mist moisturizes my skin, smells good and helps combat acne — I’m pretty convinced the stuff is magic.

Another thing I like to take to the beach is waterproof mascara. There’s nothing like taking a dip in the ocean or laying by the beach while wearing nothing but your sun-kissed skin — but, if I do that, I look like an actual child. So, before heading out for the day, I usually apply a few swipes of black waterproof mascara and call it good.

The last thing I like to pack is nude-colored nail polish. For one, I don’t like chilling nearly-naked by the pool or ocean with my nails looking ragged. For two, I don’t like taking drink-holding Instagram photos (you know the kind) with bare nails. And for three, I feel like painted nails add a little extra oomph and completion to any look.

Oh, and I like to go with nude nails because they hide cracks and imperfections in the polish better.”




Maggie’s 3 Beach Beauty Essentials:

“My #1 beach essential would definitely be the mini-sized Rosy Lip Vaseline Therapy. Being in the sun for hours on end, your lips are bound to get dried out and chapped. I am super prone to chapped lips anyway, so some type of lip-care product is a must for me. I particularly like this Vaseline product because it goes on really smoothly, while also leaving a slightly pink tint to give your lips a natural-looking color. Also, the tiny container is just really cute, TBH.

Another go-to beach product for me is Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Spray. My hair is naturally pin-straight; no volume, no texture, nada. I use this spray frequently even when I’m not on vacation, but it’s pretty much the only styling product I bring to the beach. All of the sun exposure can take a toll on your hair, so I don’t particularly like to use hot tools on top of that. Plus, no one want to waste hours getting ready for the night and lose beach-time. With the sea salt spray, all you have to do is hop out of the shower, scrunch your hair with a towel and spray only the ends. The waves will look like they came straight from the ocean water!
My third recommended product for a beach vacay is Garnier Fructis’ Leave-In Conditioning Cream. As I mentioned before, unless you stick to a hat all week, your head is most likely getting LOTS of sun, which leads to dry, frizzy, damaged-feeling hair. You know how it feels after you shower and blow-dry it after a long day on the beach? This product always counteracts that problem for me. All it takes is running a quarter-sized portion (or less, depending on how long your hair is), through the ends while your hair is damp or dry. It feels like my hair is sunburnt from the beach and I’m giving it aloe vera – LOL.”




Claire’s 3 Beach Beauty Essentials:

“I could literally lay on the beach all day for my entire trip and be extremely content. However, sometimes this means I forget to reapply sunscreen aka sunburn. My face is super sensitive so I’m picky when it comes to my skincare products. Looking for some face lotion with SPF that won’t burn your skin when applied? This is why my go-to is Neutrogena, it’s light, cheap, and smells nice too.

My second go-to is a powder brush. I like to keep my makeup simple when I head to the beach, but when a spontaneous selfie is necessary with my husband, I don’t want that annoying red pimple making its debut. I use this soft Laura Mercier brush to spread my powder over some light cover-up & also to apply light bronzer or add an accent of blush to my cheeks.

This is my absolute favorite beach beauty essential – lip stain. The Anastasia brand claims ‘long lasting,’ I think it literally could stay on for 48 hours (but don’t worry, it washes off easily when you’re ready for bed). I used this on my wedding day & bring it with me everywhere! I like to apply this when headed to the beach with no makeup & it gives me an easy beach-glam look with minimal effort. It’s also perfect to dress up your outfit when going to your romantic dinner on the beach.”




Heather’s 3 Beach Beauty Essentials:

“When I’m at the beach, I like to make sure my and my kids’ skin and lips are protected from the sun.

For that reason, I always have my All Good Coconut Sunstick in my beach bag. Not only does it protect my family’s skin, but it’s natural, non-toxic and smells amazing. It also goes on nicely and not too oily. A granola moms dream.

The second thing I like to keep in my beach bag is a tube of mint-flavored gloss from Victoria’s Secret. It’s my absolute favorite. It’s the perfect, non-sticky lip shine to add to any beach glow! Plus, it tastes as good as it smells.

The last thing I like to keep with me is a wet bag. Every mom must have one of these when traveling with littles. It’s great because it keeps all the beach essentials safe and dry, while adding a bit of cuteness to beach attire.”