This Is Why You Should Travel to the Beach Over the Holidays

Though Christmas is my favorite of all the holidays, I’m not a cold-weather gal.

Like, as soon as the weather hits 55 or 60 degrees, I’m bundled up in a sweater, my puffy coat, a hat and gloves — it’s dramatic.


I’d much prefer to be spending my holiday season sprawled out on the beach, sipping a drink, soaking up the sun — sounds amazing right?

This Is Why You Should Go to the Beach Over the Holidays:

1. A holiday vacation is the perfect gift.

Whether you want to treat yourself to a little downtime or score major points with a loved one, a vacation during the holidays is undoubtedly the ultimate gift.

2. You know you want to escape that nasty weather.

Throughout the winter months, a lot of places can be downright frigid. So, what you should do is take a break from those gray days and enjoy some warm, tropical weather.

3. If you’re at the beach, you’re automatically excused from all obligations.

If you’re someone who gets stressed out by all the obligatory holiday things — cooking big meals, attending the annual work party, hosting Secret Santa — Christmas at the beach is your perfect solution.

4. The beach is a great place to bond with your family.

For most people, the holidays are reserved for family time. But, in my experience, those precious days usually fly by at a frantic, unmemorable pace.

But, if you were to spend those days at the beach, you’d have ample time to make memories and spend good, quality time together.

5. No one likes the frantic pace of the holidays.

Somehow, the holidays have turned into a marathon of standing in long lines, attending endless get-togethers and spending an obscene amount of money.

Now — picture yourself lounging at the beach without a care in the world.

6. You won’t miss out on the festivities.

Even though you’re not at home, be assured that you’ll be surrounded by holiday decor, festivities and traditions. Especially if you visit an All Inclusive, you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate the season while in destination.

So, ready to book your next getaway? We can help!

Image Source: Instagram