Bring the Beach to Your Nails with These Gorgeous Manicures

I’m honestly not sure why pretty nails at the beach are a thing — but I love it.


Not only do they make me feel confident and beautiful, but they make taking those obligatory margarita-in-hand-at-the-beach Instagram posts a whole lot easier.

…don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

So, without further ado, below is a little bit of inspiration that won’t only get you excited for the beach, but also for your next manicure.

Bring the Beach to Your Nails with These 15 Designs:

1. Palm Trees


2. Mermaid Scales


3. Pineapples 


4. Sunset


5. Palm Leaves


6. Pink-to-Yellow Ombre 


7. Starfish


8. Subtle Pineapples


9. Tropical Flowers


10. Seashells 


11. Sharks and Things


12. Stripes and Things


13. Blue-to-White Ombre


14. Flamingos 


15. Banana Leaves

So, ready to sport your new nails at the beach? We can help!

Image Source: Unsplash, Pinterest