9 Scents That Will Instantly Transport You to the Beach

When I return home from the beach, I like to elongate my vacation-high for as long as possible.

For me, that process includes baths with bath bombs, a little bit of self tanner, music and scents — lots and lots of scents. I don’t know if you’re like this, but when I get a whiff of something like eucalyptus, sandalwood or fresh linen, I’m immediately transported to an easy, breezy day at the beach.

So, throughout my years of transitioning my vacation habits into everyday life, I’ve discovered a few scents that are guaranteed to transport you directly to the beach.

You’re welcome.

9 Scents That Will Instantly Transport You to the Beach:

1. Bay Rum & Sea Salt Candle // $18.00

bay rum

2. Demeter Salt Air // $6-39.50

 salt air

3. Driftwood Oil Diffuser // $34.95

drift wood

4. Beach by Bobbi Brown // $76.00


5. Ocean Purifying Soap // $22.00

red flower

6. Waikiki Beach Coconut Lotion // $12.00


7. Beach Days Reed Diffuser // $24.00


8. Eau de Parfum by Tocca // $72.00


9. Eucalyptus Essential Oil // $18.76