11 Things You’ll Definitely Want to Take On Your Next Beach Trip

Typically, my beach day items consist of myself, a bathing suit and a towel — if I’m lucky — but, this list of beach bag stuffers is about to make me rethink my strategy.

From quick-dry towels, to waterproof speakers, to paddle games, to portable umbrellas, this list is chock-full of items that are sure to enhance my (and your) next trip to the coast.

So, grab your suit, your towel, your bag and all 11 of these life-changing items, and you’re ready to go! Happy beaching, folks.

11 Things You’ll Definitely Want to Take On Your Next Beach Trip:

1. Quick-Drying Towel

This microfiber towel from Yoga Rat takes up very little space in your bag and doesn’t trap sand and dirt like a regular towel.


2. Cute Float

Okay, this obviously isn’t a necessity — but it’s so fun.


3. SmashBall

This game is perfect because it requires no net, court or other accessories. All you need is the ball, the paddles and two players.


4. Fun Bathing Suit Cover-Up

This accessory is very practical and great for pics — win, win.


5. Mini Cabana

When you’re looking for a little refuge from the sun, this portable cabana will definitely come in handy.


6. Waterproof Phone Bag

Because what is a beach vacation without a few underwater pics?


7. Sun Hat

This is the perfect (and cutest) way to escape from the hot summer sun.


8. Toss and Catch

Much like SmashBall, this game only requires the ball, the velcro paddles and two players. It’s perfect for the beach.


9. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Because we all know the beach isn’t complete without a little tuneage.


10. Portable Umbrella

Yes, it’s another way to block the sun.


11. Stainless Steel Colster

Your beer will literally never get cold.


So, ready to head to the beach? We can help!

Image Source: Instagram