19 Beach-y Weddings That Are So Pretty You’ll Cry

No matter when, where, who or how — weddings are always beautiful.

But, beach weddings are, unarguably, of a different caliber.


From the ocean wave and blue sky backdrop, to the decor, to the perfect lighting — everything about a beach wedding is beautiful and tear-jerking.

So, with that in mind, I have gathered some of my all-time favorite beach-y wedding photos.

Grab your tissues, folks!

19 Beach-y Weddings That Are So Pretty You’ll Cry:

1. If this serene setup doesn’t make you tear-up — nothing will. 


2. Have you ever seen such beautiful, delicate flowers?


3. These newlyweds are just happy to enjoy each other (and a drink) after their big day.


4. OMG…


5. Look at those smiles!


6. Whoever thought of this deserves a raise. 


7. This table-scape though…


8. Well this is just dreamy.


9. Simply gorgeous!


10. I can’t get over this table setup. 


11. This takes my breath away.


12. Wow, wow, wow.


13. Can you imagine having flamingos in your wedding?


14. So dreamy…


15. I love the sign!


16. I wouldn’t mind eating a meal here.


17. Ah! Can you imagine how fun this was?


18. Could this be anymore perfect?


19. Well, that’s unique — and adorable!


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Image Source: Instagram