How a BeachMaster can save you 12 hours

Did you know, the average vacationer spends 12 hours of their life researching online?

Over the span of 4.5 months, this guest will search 7 different companies with 35 website visits according to a Phocus Wright research study.
That’s half a day of wasted “self-planning” that you can never get back.

The list of destinations & hotel options is endless. If you don’t know an Iberostar from a Breathless resort, you’re going to get yourself somewhere you don’t want to be.

One isn’t better over the other. But when your expectation is to recline in luxury but you find yourself right in the middle of the most epic party in the Caribbean, you might wish you’d known the difference. To prove our point further,

this is 12 things that you can do with the 12 hours of free time
you gain when a BeachMaster plans your vacation.


#1. Do a happy dance



You just a scored a killer vacation. You deserve it.


#2 Take a bath




Start practicing the relaxation mindset now with an essential oil bubble bath. Stop & decompress after a stressful day.


#3 Catch up on some reading




Give yourself some down time to do things you always say you “never have time for.” Go get ahead on your vacation beach reads!

We suggest Wild by Cheryl Strayed.


#4 File your taxes early

Traveling in April? Or have a never-ending to-do list? Do those taxes if you need to, but we just mean it always feels good to get ahead on something looming in the distance.


#5 Pin some vacation outfits to pack


Make Pinterest your best friend for the next hour & start searching for those perfect outfits to travel in style. Get creative & branch out! Vacations are the perfect time to try something a little edgy, out of your norm.


#6 Make a Beachy Bev


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Bring the beach to you and start the habit of relaxation. Read our blog post A Sip of the Caribbean – Beachy Bevs or browse our Pinterest for some Caribbean classics or Mexican mojitos.


#7 Start creating your vacation playlist

Before you hit the beach, take time to make a playlist for the soundtrack of your trip. It’s important to make sure you have the right tunes to get in the beach & chill mindset.

Read our blog post Your Vacation’s Soundtrack and pick songs that will, one day, remind you of the way your feet felt in the powder-white sand, or how the salt tasted in the air, under the friendly shade of the palms. Sounds dreamy.


#8 Browse All Inclusive cuisine inspiration




Check out our Pinterest board on All Inclusive cuisine to be inspired and maybe try baking some resort dining at home.


#9 Get your travel group pumped up


Group middle man nominations are no longer necessary when you book with a BeachMaster. We become your point of reference & everyone in your group can work with the same BeachMaster so nothing gets lost in translation.

You can still be the one to get everyone excited for the bachelor or bachelorette party, family reunion, or friend-trip though.


#10 Invest in trendy flip flops


For those of you who say you never have any time to shop, now you have the time to invest in your style.

Don’t let your feet suffer in those dingy Old Navy flip flops that always break. Search online for new cool & trendy flip flops. Strut around your resort in style and comfort.


#11 Research & be cultured


You can go into your trip completely ignorant about where you are & you’ll enjoy your trip just as well. But wouldn’t it be cool if you had time to learn about where you’re traveling and the natives that live there? Look up fun cultural tips about where you’re visiting and all that the city life offers.


#12 Daydream




You don’t have to make excuses when you catch yourself gazing at the clouds wondering what they’ll look like as you gaze at them from your Pacific coastline in your cute striped bikini.

We encourage daydreaming here because we know these resorts will meet all your wildest dreams and expectations.

There ya go. We just helped you get 12 hours of your life back.

We’ll wrap this up to save you more time.

Click here if you don’t want to waste time planning your vacation alone