A BeachMaster’s Reasons to Love Couples Resorts

Four of us BeachMasters had the opportunity to take a few days away from the office, and travel to Jamaica. We filled our four days touring all four of the resorts Couples has to offer. Did you know that Couples has two resorts in Ocho Rios (Couples Tower Isle & Couples Sans Souci), and two resorts in Negril (Couples Negril & Couples Swept Away)? Well as the name eludes, these resorts are in fact “couples only” resorts.

So, this is a perfect option for a couple leaving the kids at home, honeymooners, couples celebrating their anniversary, or anyone looking for a romantic getaway (there was actually a couple at Couples Tower Isle celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary)!  Overall, it was an amazing trip! Wanna know why?


Here is our top 10 list of why we loved our time at Couples’ Resorts:



1. Food:
Let’s be honest for a minute… One of the main reasons we vacation is to eat some delicious food, right? All four resorts offer terrific food! We were blown away at the level of quality offered at all four resorts. The desserts were just wonderful!

BeachMaster tip: During dessert, ask your waiter for a cup of coffee with Rum Cream. Trust us!



2. Landscape:
Jamaica is just beautiful! Lush green mountains bordered by the ocean?! Come on! Couples choice their real estate with great intention. Each resort is on beautiful property. You’re going to love the views you see at each resort.



3. Spa:
Let’s go back to being honest for a minute… Another main reason we vacation is to pamper ourselves with some relaxation, right? The spa facilities at these resorts is top shelf! They even have some unique bungalows. Here, you can get a massage while looking out into the ocean with the breeze gently reaching every one of your senses.



4. Excursions:
Couples takes the activities included to the next level! Catamarans rides, scuba diving, golf,  water skiing, snorkeling, tennis, paddle boarding, Dunn’s River Falls (Ocho Rios only), etc. The list goes on with activities INCLUDED in your vacation! We enjoyed the catamaran ride while we were in Jamaica. It was quite the party, and was so much fun! Plus they had plenty of Rum punch for everyone!



5. Veggie Bar:
Sometimes on vacation we forget to eat our fruits and veggies. At Couples they give you plenty of opportunity to get the nutrients you need at their veggie bars. Fresh smoothies, wraps, snacks, and coconut water! Stay healthy my friends.



6. Entertainment:
Couples does a terrific job of bringing in entertainers from the local community. They do entertainment different than any other resort we’ve stayed. They make sure you feel like you are in Jamaica with their style of entertainment. It was a blast. The reggae dance party at Couples Negril was quite the experience…



7. Float:
No need to take up space in your luggage with a pool float, because they have them on every chair at Couples. No matter if you want to float away in the ocean, or stay within the boundaries of the pool there is no shortage of pool floats to use! No problem ‘mon!



8. Level of excellence and detail:
Couples has little details everywhere that are subtle, yet reveal how much they care about your experience. Ice sculpture, elaborate gingerbread house (we traveled just before Christmas), hand crafted decor, and sea shells delicately placed in the paved walk-ways are just a few things we noticed.



9. Service:
We cannot speak more highly of the service we had while there! At one point someone asked, “Did anyone see him fill my wine glass? Because, It was never empty, and I had no idea they were ever topping it off!” The staff had a way of making you feel like you were old pals. They do an amazing job of taking care of their guests!



10. Memories:
A high percentage of the guests at the resorts are repeat guests. What this means is that a lot of couples come to their resorts, and cannot wait to come back next year. That’s how well they take care of you. We were only there for a few days, but we came home with more memories to count! We truly had a wonderful experience at Couples Resorts, and cannot wait to go back.

Insider fact: At Couples resorts, you get your own “memento” in your name to leave behind when you’re a repeat guests.



One other exceptional thing about the Couples brand is that no two resorts are alike!

Sure you will see the same quality across the board with food, service, etc. But you’re going to experience different chefs, totally different landscape, different pace, etc.

We challenge you to check out all four! Up to the challenge?

Give us a call.