17 Best Pool Floats of 2017

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that food, mystical creature and drink-inspired pool floats have absolutely taken over the summer.

Like, you can’t visit a pool, lake or beach without seeing at least a dozen of them. And honestly, even though they’re kind of annoying a cliche… I’m here for it.

They’re cute, okay?


So, without further ado — below are 17 of my very favorite pool floats of the year.

17 Best Pool Floats of 2017:

1. Unicorn


2. Pineapple


3. Flamingo


4. Donut


5. Hawaiian Shirt


6. Balloon Animal


7. Avocado


8. Mermaid Tail


9. Pretzel


10. Duck


11. Pizza

12. Wine Bottle


13. Bull


14. Popsicle


15. Rubber Duck


16. Margarita


17. Diamond Ring


So, ready to hit up the pool with your new floatie? We can help!

Oh, and if you want to know what pool float you are, take our quiz below!