The BlueSun Moment

Have you heard of BlueSun? That’s us – but do you know WHY it’s in our name?

Lets geek out for a bit.

Remember back in 4th grade Science class when we learned that the sun was actually a giant star? And it blew our minds?


Well, your minds are about to be blown again…

Blue = Hot not cold

Ironically, the hottest stars are blue. Stars get their colors based on their temperature. The temperature of the stars is based upon their mass, so it’s safe to say that Blue stars are massive. Just check out this photo from NASA…

blue sun

Blue sun = rarest star

(aka a blue star…remember “sun” = “star”)

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.35.39 AM

Here’s a photograph taken on-board NASA’s STEREO spacecraft.

Did you know that Blue suns are more rare than other stars? However, they have the shortest lives because of their mass & temperature. So it’s safe to conclude they are extraordinary & remarkable moments.

So what does all that have to do with vacations?

When deciding to become “BlueSun Vacations“, our CEO David Temple desired to capture the heart of who we are as a travel-booking agency.

david funWe want to share with you in your BlueSun Moment: A moment in time that though it may be short, shines brightest than any other memory.

-David Temple

Imagine that BlueSun Moment


It’s that moment you see your kid’s face light up when their toes dig into the sand for the very FIRST time.

It’s the look in your spouse’s eyes as they renew their vows as the sun sets over the water.

It’s the sigh of utter relaxation the first day you are unplugged from that daily grind “to-do” list.

It’s the feeling you have when the perspiration drips on your hand from that frozen beach beverage, you look at the horizon and think, ‘It just doesn’t get better than this.’


BlueSun Vacations, sells All Inclusive trips to the Mexico and Caribbean. Yes, hopefully we have showcased that in a way that makes you want to get your bum to the beach ASAP!

But let me blow your mind once more:

The BlueSun Moment isn’t restricted to just that beach vacation time frame.


It starts from the beginning of your booking experience to when you get back and beyond! We want to make the process from beginning to end as relaxing as the trip itself.

It’s calling a direct number and knowing that the name & face of the person on the other end is connected to a real live human.

It’s the peace of mind that you have one point of contact to share highlights (And even concerns & low-lights. We care about it all.)

It’s the sigh of relief when we’ve told you we’ve been there.

It’s the feeling of being pumped up together when your vacation count down has begun.


So, is it time for you to have a BlueSun Moment? Get started today!