Bring Vacation Vibes to Your Home

Sometimes you don’t realize relaxation is overdue until it’s much too late. It can be easy to go from one thing to the next without realizing you haven’t stopped to rest in weeks.

If this speaks to you, you are not alone. According to a 2016 Skift study, “41 percent of Americans said they didn’t take a single vacation day during 2015.”  That’s almost identical to the findings of the 2014 study.

If life is crazy with family, work, or upcoming life events, why are we not taking vacation days? Why aren’t we prioritizing rest at home?

If your next beach vacation isn’t right around the corner, we’ve come up with some ways to bring the vacation vibes to your home – they’re worth embracing.

Ways to bring your vacation vibes to your home

1. Rejuvenate

Shout out to @lushcosmetics for making me feel like I was bathing in a beautiful oil spill.

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One of the best parts of an All Inclusive trip is the relaxation in your room. Whether it’s the soap products, the scented towels, or the rose petals  arranged on your bed each night — being pampered is the epitome of luxury. We’ve been wondering, why can’t you experience that on a weekly basis?

Take a weekly bubble bath to satisfy those pampering cravings, offer your partner a back massage, light some candles, pop some bubbly, invest in some bath salts, and read that best-seller you’ve neglected for months. The little things change a stressful day into an evening to relax.

2. Take the night to get-away

It’s as easy as one night in a special hotel room downtown, or a cabin for the weekend, or even a small little excursion to a local city for the weekend. A mini-vacay does wonders to break up the gap between your next time-off.

3. Re-create room service

I ate this and then a hunk of cheese ✌🏼️.

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24/7 complimentary room service is, hands down, one of the best parts of a resort vacation. How fun would it be to surprise your partner, kids, or mama with a fun little treat of breakfasts in bed?

4. Take a walk after dinner

Reminisce the nightly walks on the beach. Take a walk down the street for time to reconnect after a long day.

5. Make a Beachy Drink














We all know this is the best part of the vacation is the unlimited Mango Tango’s and access to your own mini bar in your room. Read our blog: “A Sip of the Caribbean – Beachy Bevs” that highlights some of our favorite drinks you can make in your very own home.

5. Trade off cleaning for the week

Take turns cleaning the house throughout the week. Who doesn’t love maid service? Surprise your spouse with nightly “turn down service” and be the first one to make the bed, or do the dishes. Nothing’s more relaxing than a clean living space.

6. Wear beach wardrobe as much as possible

Glad weathermen are wrong like, 99% of the time. #Bashelorette

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Take any opportunity to strap on your favorite beachy suit and soak in the sun. Wear slippers more around the house or re-embrace the robe days from your resort. Beach wardrobe is just more fun anyway.

7. Change your desktop background

We'll miss this view just as much as we've missed you. #cominghome

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Nothing puts us in a better mood than remembering our favorite view from our favorite trip. Post a classic #tbt to your favorite beach view or make it your new desktop background.

8. Look at your calendar and plan that next vacation

If all this beachy-ness doesn’t make you want to plan ahead, I don’t know what will! Technically, you’ll want to plan your vacation at least 6 months in advance anyway. But, in case you’re still not convinced

Technically, you’ll want to plan your vacation at least 6 months in advance. But, in case you’re still not convinced you need break, take this Buzzfeed quiz and see how badly you are in need of a beach vacation. 

And then give us a call.