7 Carry-On Essentials You Need For Holiday Travel

If you’re anything like me, you stupidly wait until the last possible second to pack your carry-on luggage.

It’s like — after I’ve planned for the trip, prepped for the trip, anticipated the trip and rounded everyone up for the trip, the last thing I want to do is organize my belongings into a tiny bag.

Live footage of me five minutes before leaving the house:


The one solution I have found is compiling a short list of my essentials.

Because, especially when it comes to the holiday season, the last thing I need is more stress and more scrambling.

7 Carry-On Essentials You Need For Holiday Travel:

1. Portable Charger

I feel like this could go without explanation, but I will say this — traveling with a dead phone is the tenth circle of hell.


2. Travel Pillow

Trying to sleep or even relax on an airplane is never easy — but a travel pillow can make it so much better.

This particular pillow is nice because it compresses into a tiny bag. All you have to do once you’re on the plane (or car or whatever) is blow it up. Amazing.


3. Sleep Mask

I know, I know — again — sleeping on an airplane is hard. But, if you take the proper precautions (i.e. a travel pillow and an eye mask), you could probably trick yourself into getting a little life-saving shut-eye.

Not only will this make the flight go by faster, but it’ll save you from fatigue once you’ve arrived in destination.


4. Hand Sanitizer

Let’s be honest — airplanes are kind of gross. And, no one wants to leave their seat to wash their hands once en route.

These natural sanitizing sprays will keep your hands bacteria-free for the time being.


5. Moisturizers

Airplane air is dry, and can manifest itself in dry lips and skin. What I’ve found is that having chap stick, lotion and moisturizing face wipes on hand can make a world of difference.

And, the face wipes will help wake you up once you’ve landed.




6. Motion Ease Oil

I’m in no way saying this roll-on oil will cure you of all motion sickness, but the soothing scent of avocado and essential oils will definitely improve your mood.


7. Compression Socks

If your feet tend to feel swollen after a flight, compression socks could be the solution. These comfy (and warm) socks tend to reduce swelling of the feet, if you’re sitting down for long periods of time.

Ready to take your new essentials on a new adventure? We can help!

Photo by STIL on Unsplash