What To Do 100 Days Before Your Beach Vacation

Your dream beach vacation is RIGHT around the corner and you've found yourself twiddling your thumbs, simply waiting for the day to arrive. Luckily, we've put together a list of productive (and fun) things you can do in the meantime! It will make the time go faster and you will be happy you take care [...]

13 Best Beach Movies

Unfortunately, we can't all be at the beach all the time -- but we can transport ourselves there. As someone who lives in land-locked Arkansas, I often crave the saltiness, sandiness and freshness of the beach. For a while there, I was using a blow up pool and the local sand volleyball court to recreate [...]

What Is the Beach Dox Box?

When you book a trip with BlueSun Vacations, you will receive a box full of goodies in the mail -- we like to call this the Beach Dox Box. But, what is it exactly? Well, it's a curated box of items that are meant to enhance your All Inclusive beach experience. From the selfie stick. [...]

7 Mocktails That’ll Transport You Straight to the Beach

Summer is one of my favorite seasons because there's always an occasion appropriate for a refreshing drink. We talk a lot about tasty beachy drinks over here at BlueSun and that's because we want the refreshing lifestyle of "all included drinks, alcoholic and non" to come right to your home. Maybe you're a mother-to-be or [...]

The Best Sunscreen for Your Skin Type

Whether you're headed to the beach, pool, ski slopes or camp ground, you should always have a bottle of sunscreen by your side -- yes, even if it's cloudy. But, finding the perfect sunscreen that makes you feel safe and protected, but doesn't break you out or make you feel greasy is hard, right? Well [...]

Why We Really Love Adults Only Resorts

Nothing throws off the relaxing vibes like getting sprayed in the face with a water gun as a kid runs past your pool lounge chair. *actual circumstance from our CEO's experience.* Don't get me wrong! I love kids more than the best of them, but if you're working an 8-5 job, are a mother of [...]