8 Best Waterfall Excursions

Whenever it comes to choosing a destination to travel to, I always get stumped. There's so many amazing options in the Caribbean and Mexico alone with so many gorgeous resort properties. To make it a little easier to navigate where to travel this next year, let's start with one of the most beautiful wonders of [...]

6 Tips for Taking the Perfect Family Photo

Taking the perfect family photo is hard -- especially when you're on the beach. Not only is it a headache to get the entire family in the same spot, wearing coordinated outfits, ready to say "cheese" at the same time, but the elements of the beach hardly ever seem to be in your favor. Namely, wind [...]

7 Kid-Friendly Things to Do At Your Resort

When hearing the words "kid-friendly", it makes both couples and parents cringe. As a couple, you want to escape from all humanity. I'm not a parent, but as a former babysitter I know good and well that any parent doesn't want to go on vacation to fight more crowds, deal with meltdowns, or feel forced to [...]

6 Things That Always Ruin Family Vacation (and How to Avoid Them)

Sibling bonding, long-lasting memories, endless laughter and fruity beach drinks amidst a landscape of turquoise blue water, sandy beaches and sunny skies -- sounds great, right? via GIPHY Skrrrt -- insert sound of soundtrack abruptly stopping. When traveling with children, this soothing scene is rarely the case. Let’s be real, family vacation can feel like hard work [...]

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Now Onyx Resort

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Punta Cana's beautiful Now Onyx Resort & Spa. Before stepping foot on the property, I had preconceived notions about what a semi-new, zen-like, family-friendly resort would be like. Admittedly, most of those expectations were tinged with negativity -- I don't know why -- but the property absolutely blew [...]