Why You Should Choose Riviera Maya For Your Destination Wedding

Let’s cut to the chase. When it comes to making decisions, let alone for your wedding, there is soooooo much online telling you all the “top” and “best” places that you need to go for said wedding or honeymoon. It can feel very overwhelming.

Live footage of us feeling overwhelmed by the internet:


On our trip to Riviera Maya a few weeks ago, my fellow BeachMaster Mary and I weren’t sure what to expect, since both of us have traveled there many times in the past.
However, we were blown away by the variety of options and exciting possibilities that a bride and groom can experience on their wedding day at these resorts. Because of this, we were so excited to share about our trip with you!
Whether you and your fiance like to celebrate to the nine’s, need constant entertainment, or are just trying to elope on a gorgeous beach, it can happen. Riviera Maya has something for everyone.
So, here’s why you should choose Riviera Maya for your Destination Wedding:


Did you know, there are more flights going into Cancun right now than all the other beach destinations combined? Everyday?! Yes, you read that correctly. Also, just so we’re on the same page, you have to fly into Cancun and then drive about 20 – 30 minutes to get to Riviera Maya. 


And these flights come at great price points as well! This means that your aunt from Seattle and grandpa in Maine can both get to your wedding — which also means that more of the people you love can be with you on your big day.


All places in Mexico aren’t the same. Riviera Maya may have more of a “Mayan feel,” but we saw many contemporary and modern weddings, as well. The different resort styles ranged from laid-back to extravagant, romantic to a big family affair. Not to mention, these resorts are pros at entertaining large groups and families.
When it comes to the food, you have so many options! You can do a Buffet, a 5-course meal with wine-pairing, seafood and gastronomy to tacos on the beach for a Mexican fiesta. One night, they even presented our food in a decorated box full of fresh roses!
They made a set menu just for us AND it was Mama Mia themed! We’re talking gourmet octopus, lobster, salmon, crab and it was specifically catered just to our group. We had the theme song in our heads the rest of the trip because the food was unforgettable.


Riviera Maya is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. This allows you to have so many options for great photos, whether you want sunset on the beach pictures or a bonfire after-party. The beauty of Riviera Maya allows you to have a beautiful view no matter where you choose to do your ceremony or reception. Some of our top resorts that we offer are located in Riviera Maya, too!
Here are our favorite wedding views from resorts we visited:


This is where the “vacation” part comes in. Riveria Maya’s middle name should be “variety” because of the unending possibilities to explore this destination. You will not have to worry about your wedding guests staying entertained! Riviera Maya is your one-stop shop to finding exactly what you want and it’s awesome for people of all kinds.
Excursion example: Visit the famous Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza or Tulum, snorkel and explore the underwater caves at Xel-ha, or explore the jungle scenery on an ATV or zip-line.
Picture on left from UNICO Hotel Rivieria Maya
 To see more excursion options in Riviera Maya, click here.


Riviera Maya pulls out all the stops to creating the exact resort wedding you’ll want. The phrase, “anything is possible,” is not taken lightly here. There’s a wedding for any budget, from a simple beach elopement to riding down the aisle on a donkey (seriously, this happened).

We had to go incognito to get this live footage of a bride on a donkey:

Here’s some other fun ideas that are unique but totally possible for your wedding day:

Have a s’moore bar or an outdoor open bar!

Enjoy your reception on the beach with a bonfire to end the night. 

Go out with a bang! Instead of sparklers, how about fireworks at your reception?!

Picture taken from Instagram at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun


We saw so many different wedding collections on our trip– each unique and personal to the couples’ style and taste. Ranging from highly traditional to very non-traditional ceremonies, the resort will do it.
Here are examples of different wedding styles you could create:


We all know that while the wedding itself is amazing, the honeymoon is what everyone looks forward to the most. This is another great reason to do your wedding in Riviera Maya! You’re already in the perfect location for a relaxing, fun and tropical honeymoon. Plus, there are lots of amazing accommodations at these resorts for newlyweds staying post-wedding.
At Secrets Silversands for example, they have over-the-water honeymoon bungalows with a private pool and jacuzzi just to yourselves.
It doesn’t cost anything to call and find out more. Give your BeachMaster a call! We’d love to help you plan a trip to Riviera Maya.