Day-By-Day Guide to Secrets Akumal in Riviera Maya

A couple weeks back, my best friend Madison and I took a 3-night vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico.

While there, we stayed at the absolutely incredible resort known as Secrets Akumal! Although we wish we had more time there, we managed to squeeze in lots of delicious meals, fun activities and relaxing beach-time during our stay.

Day-By-Day Guide to Secrets Akumal in Riviera Maya:

Day 1

Upon arrival, we were in awe of the property. Even the lobby at Secrets is extremely stunning, which was a good sign for what the rest of the resort would be like. The check-in process was pretty quick, putting us in our rooms within about 30 minutes.

We were soon in our Preferred Club Junior Suite and let me tell you — we almost didn’t want to leave the room for the rest of the resort! The colors were bright and beautiful, with an awesome balcony view of the pool and edge of the ocean.

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Our raging hunger from the morning’s travel gave us motivation to explore outside of our room. Our first meal at Secrets was a quick lunch at Seaside Grill. Super fresh, filling and delicious!


The rest of the day consisted of exploring the property and taking in the lush, tropical layout and design.


It didn’t take long for me to get my hands on a Mango Tango!

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We ended our first day with some pre-dinner room service, followed by a meal at the Italian restaurant, Portofino.


Day 2

Our second day of the trip can be perfectly summarized with one word: RELAXATION.

We woke up early and began our day with 8 a.m. yoga class on the beach, which was so lovely! It’s the perfect temperature during this time of day, with a slight breeze on the beach and the sun having just risen. (Highly recommend!)

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Yoga was followed by a quick breakfast at Seaside Grill, so we could make it to our appointment at the SPA soon after. Madison and I both got the 25 minute shoulder, neck and back massage, immediately after doing the hydrotherapy and it was beyond amazing. I felt relaxed and balanced for the rest of the day!

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Needless to say, we were feeling pretty chilled-out for the rest of the day, so we laid out on the beach for hours and hours. We got a ton of rest, which made us want to venture out later that night — after eating dinner at the French restaurant ‘Bordeaux,’ we hung out at the Desires music lounge, which was a blast!

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Day 3

After that much-needed restful day, we woke up on our final day of vacation ready to fit in as many activities as possible!

We started off with breakfast at Seaside Grill (side note: we became obsessed with the green juice!) and then immediately headed to the beach to participate in, arguably, the best part about Secrets Akumal: snorkeling with turtles!

Clearly, I got no photos of this experience, but it is a MUST if you are visiting this property. I swam above a very large sea turtle for about 5 minutes, which were the coolest 5 minutes of my life to date. After this, we laid on the beach and soaked up (no pun intended) the rest of the beach time we had left.


Our last meal at Secrets was by far the BEST, which was a very large dinner at Oceana, which is only available to Preferred Club guests. After this, we watched the Elvis impersonator perform at the lobby area and then the awesome Beatles show, which was held at the resort theater!

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Nothing like a 6 a.m. wake-up call to leave. At least we got to see this sunrise!

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