Destination Los Cabos: Where Desert Meets Sea

It’s hard to really get a feel for a place if you’ve never been. Unless you really trust someone who’s been somewhere– and says it’s great– chances are you’re not going there.

Cabo: don’t know anybody who’s been there? Never considered going there for your next beach vacation?

Start considering, people. Cabo is awesome.




In English, Los Cabos means “the capes.” A cape is a narrow piece of land that projects from the coastline into the sea. If you’ve ever wondered what happens if you keep going down the west coast of California, you’ll go for a long time until you reach land’s end at Los Cabos, Mexico, where desert tumbles into sea (see map above, straight from a BeachMaster’s desk).

Things to know about Cabo: 

On one side of “the capes” is the Sea of Cortez, and the other– the Pacific Ocean. Cabo is one of the only resort locations in Mexico that lines along the Pacific coast. But what makes this destination particularly different is the Sea of Cortez, also called the Gulf of California. The Sea of Cortez is largely unswimmable due to its strong undercurrent. The waves are HUGE and beautiful, but dangerous.

Cabo is a desert. It’s arid, windy, and dry. So you won’t see any tropical jungles here. But you will find camel rides on the beach.



Cabo is also known to be rather “Americanized.” If you’re relaxing on the beach and feel the sudden urge for a Walmart run, or even a Home Depot run– you can do that. Cabo has Mexican culture, but it also has some basic comforts of home.

Finally, it’s also a Celebrity Hotspot.


Check out J-Biebs just chilling in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos.

Things to know about Cabo Resorts: 

Wary of those large, beautiful yet powerful waves? Resorts take good care of their guests with security guards stationed on the beach. Most resorts either have a smaller swimmable beach or a swimmable beach location near resort that they offer access to. So you can relax on the beach, you just may not be able to swim in it. Ask your BeachMaster about particular resorts and their beaches.

Though Cabo was hit by a hurricane in 2014, this has allowed the resorts to remodel making them updated, sophisticated, and BEAUTIFUL.




Where to Travel in Cabo:

Los Cabos is actually two places. It’s confusing. We’ll unconfuse you.

1. Cabo San Lucas

San Jose Del Cabo (search under “Los Cabos” on our website)

These locations are not the same and your vacation could be drastically different depending on where you stay (added bonus of booking with a BeachMaster compared to booking online).



Cabo San Lucas:

It’s a city with nightlife. Think activities galore, shopping, bar hopping, beach chilling, and especially, some of the best excursions in Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas is home to “el arco,” or the arch (you’ve seen pics before).  It’s cool (see video at bottom). Every year thousands of Gray Whales come down from Alaska to Cabo. If you visit between December and early spring (March/April) your chances of seeing a massive whale above the tide are high. Take a boat trip out to the Arch and see if you can’t spot some migrating whales. Ask your BeachMaster about it.

Resorts in the area capitalize on Cabo San Lucas’ activities and its nightlife– and they even help create it! Many locals will buy a day pass to resorts on the weekend. They bring a lot of life and culture with them. It makes for a super fun party that would be impossible to experience anywhere else.

So, check out these awesome resorts in Cabo San Lucas:


Breathless (Adults Only)




Sandos (Family Friendly)



San Jose Del Cabo:

Twenty miles down what’s called the “corridor”, from Cabo San Lucas, is San Jose Del Cabo. This relaxed, artsy, country town is reminiscent of older times. If you’re looking for nightlife off resort, this isn’t the place for you. San Jose Del Cabo is much quieter and more spread out than Cabo San Lucas. Fair warning: cab rides from city to city are pricey. So, make sure you stay where you want to be for most of your trip.

The golfing around San Jose is top notch, especially at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos. And if art is more your thing, downtown San Jose Del Cabo hosts an art walk every Thursday evening.

So check out these awesome resorts in San Jose Del Cabo:


Dreams (Family Friendly)


Secrets (Adults Only)





Maybe you’re looking for something different. Maybe you want to ride a Camel on the beach. If so, check into Los Cabos, Mexico. Because it won’t disappoint.

This video will give you not only a great idea of what Cabo looks like, but what it feels like too.



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