The difference between Silversands & No-sands

We believe in relaxation.


We believe in relaxing at home, before work, after work, at work (we have an actual nap room in the office), and of course on the beach. Some would say we have an obsession. But at least we’re honest about it.

We’re also familiar  with the tense commute home after a long day of work. Catching yourself oxygen deprived, from holding your breath through unbudging traffic. Debating the obviously unsafe idea of watching Netflix on your phone while driving. Don’t do it.
The reality is, relaxing always seems to come last.


If the “have to’s” don’t get finished, relaxing feels impossible, even unjustified.

We want to help justify your relaxation.

And the best way to do that is through giving you a completely “get-to” free vacation. Which is our specialty, by the way.

We’re going back to the basics. We want you to have that rest you’ve been waiting for.

Enter Secrets Silversands in Riviera Maya – the stand-out among other Secrets’ Resorts (see virtual tour here  for a closer look). The suites alone are reason enough to pick this resort for your next vacation. They’re huge with the sleekest, cleanest, most modern decor.


And then there’s the over-the-water honeymoon bungalows. It’s like Swiss Family Robinson on steroids.


The stairs literally lead you in and out of the water. Silversands is the only Secrets Resort with these beachy huts directly on top of the pool.

Although Silversands isn’t known for it’s expansive beach, the pools put the sands to shame (seriously check out their infinity pools). Your only interruption will be, “Would you like the drink of the day?” 

The atmosphere at Silversands is unbeatable. Every day, all ages find a spot by the pool, chilling together with drink in hand. It’s lively and fun.

But, rather than list off why Silversands is the best, we’ll let our BeachMasters tell you themselves.


We asked them: How do you relax?

And then: What’s the difference between relaxing at home with no-sands, and relaxing at Secrets Silversands?

paige funPaige Rockwell

no-sands relaxation: a glass of wine on the couch.

BSV: Paige, What’s the difference between a glass of wine on the couch, and unwinding at Silversands?

PR: Totally a hammock by the pool, and I’d probably have a margarita or a mojito. Then I’d just listen to the waves roll in.



Erin Lee

erin 2 (1).jpg

no-sands relaxation: watching TV, and making my husband rub my feet.

BSV: To you, what’s the difference between relaxing at home and relaxing at Secrets Silversands?

EL: At home, I have to do laundry while I watch a show, or drink a glass of wine. At the beach, I have nothing else to do. Multi-tasking isn’t necessary. And the scenery is way better- that’s the difference.



Jacob 2.jpgJacob Evans

no-sands relaxation: playing guitar and building things

BSV: Jacob, what’s the difference between jamming on your guitar at home and relaxing while on vacation?

JE: Less distractions. And for me, it’s the only time it feels okay to be a little selfish.



We heard that.

It’s a little ridiculous to expect your husband to rub your feet every night (…Erin), but it’s not so far-fetched to expect someone to give you a deep massage at the Secrets Silversands‘ spas.

In fact, it’s recommended. Expect away. Go ahead and be a little selfish. Forget the have to’s at no-sands,

because there are none at Silversands.


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